What is Power Stance in Elden Ring? [How to Strengthen Posture Effectively] (2023)

FromSoftware has brought many familiar mechanics from its Soulsborne series to Elden Ring, one of which is power stance.

But if you haven't played one of the hardest ones andThe best games to streamOut there, you may be wondering: "What is Power Stance in Elden Ring??”

In Elden Ring, Power Stance means dual-wielding to maximize your damage at the expense of defense and mobility.

This is what that means exactlyhow to do power posein game and best power stance weapon combos in elden ring.

Can stance be increased in Elden Ring?

If you can.

It works similar to Dark Souls 2, but was tweaked a bit by FromSoftware to accommodate Elden Ring's unique combat system.

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AElden Ring Power StancecontainsEquip two weapons of the same type.ForAccess to an exclusive itemmovement set.

The move set depends on the type of weapons used.

How to do Power Stance in Elden Ring?

Apower attitudeemantique ringrequires equipping two of the weaponsthe same type.

This can include two katanas, two daggers, two large hammers, and other kinds of weapons.

Unlike Dark Souls 2, where you can switch between standard moves and power stance when you double-hit,Elden Ring automatically switches to a Power Stance movesetwhen you equip two of the same weapons.

Once equipped, you mustPress the L1 or LB buttonMake it possibleElden Ring Power Stanceand wield both weapons at the same time.

To useR1miR2- the standard light and heavy attack buttons - lead to thisstandard attacks.

This tricky level of combinations of weapons and mechanicshas been under construction for yearsand FromSoftware's previous titles made Elden Ring what it is today.

Pros and cons of the power stance in Elden Ring

Power Stance moves combine left and right hand attacks, allowing you to almost switchdouble damage.And to do even more damage, you should definitely do this.Upgrade both weapons.

The most obvious disadvantage is thisYou cannot use a shield.to protect him from incoming attacks, since he must hold two weapons with two hands, he must do thisget used to runningand hone your spacing and dodging skills.

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Although you can't equip a shield, there is oneother ways to improve your defense.

The mechanics of the power stance in general as wellrequires additional investment in stamina stats for more gear loadout, especially when he wields weapons of power like great axes and great swords. And if you don't have the necessary statistics,You can respect your character.to meet the requirements.

Best Power Stance Weapons in Elden Ring

With the plethora of weapons available in the Elden Ring, there's no shortage of great stance combos.

here are the bestElden Ring Power-Stance-Waffenyou should consider.

Kolossale Großschwerter (Grafted Blade Greatsword and Ruins Greatsword)

The Grafted Blade Greatsword and Ruins Greatsword are the perfect combination for high damage attacks.

With its B-tier power scaling, the grafted greatsword can deal nearly 400 damage and has an ability called Vengeance Oath thatTemporarily increases all of your stats by five..

On the other hand, Ruins Greatsword does around 300 damage and grants you the Wave of Destruction ability, which shoots a gravitational force on the ground that knocks enemies back.

Colossal Weapons (Double Prelate's Hell Staff)

One of the most impressive Power Stance builds in Elden Ring is equipping two Prelate Inferno Crozier weapons and it's a great option when getting into boss fights.

The Prelate's Hell Staff scales primarily with Dexterity and Strength, and isa great weapon for heavy melee attacks. With the B-tier power scaling, you can deal a maximum damage of 339 depending on the build and use Ashes of War for increased poison, bleed, or ice damage.

The weapon comes with the Prelate's Assault ability.slam the ground to create a wave of flame, then charge forward.

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Hellebarden (The Golden Hellebard and the Commander's Banner)

The golden halberd is a good choice in fights that require a lot of physical and holy damage.

This weapon maxes out at over 200 Holy damage and almost 330 Physical damage and has the Golden Vow ability, whichincreases the defense values ​​and attack power of you and your allies.

When combined with the Commander pattern, it can deal a maximum damage of just under 700 (at B-tier power scaling).

Greataxes (Greataxe and Executioner's Greataxe)

The Executioner's Greataxe and the Common Greataxe are two of the most powerful weapons of their class, making it possible.Elden Ring Power StanceCombination to deal a lot of damage.

The Common Greataxe has the highest base damage of any greataxe you can find in the game, and the Executioner Greataxe is no slouch at 150 base damage.

Both weapons have their own abilities:o Warcry, which increases physical attack damageand force scale andBarbarian roar that increases attack speedand turns powerful attacks into charge attacks.

Great Curved Swords (Omen Cleaver and Beastman's Cleaver)

As greatswords, the Omen Cleaver and Beastman's Cleaver deal significant damage individually and together; EITHERBeastman Cleaver can be upgraded for a total of 350 damage, while Omen can dish out around 347.

This power stance is a great option for fighting high HP bosses, but your character will need strength to use it. The Cleaver of the Beastment requires 25 strength, and you need 19 strength to wield the Cleaver of Omen.

Cuffs (Refined Dragon and Qatar)

Fighting your enemies up close can be tricky unless you have the Grafted Dragon and Qatar.

A grafted dragon has a max physical damage of 218 (when fully upgraded) and comes with a witness bearAbility, which spits fire for additional damage at a set range.

On the other hand, the Katar weapon deals a maximum damage of 237 and canEasily penetrates enemy shields with his Impalement ability.

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Twelve (Cinquedea and Reduvia)

if you like it smallerAs, consider combining the Cinquedea Dagger, which is better suited for a Strength build, and the Reduvia Dagger, which is better suited for a Dexterity build.

Daggers deal 240 and 190 physical damage respectively and have a unique ability.

Reduvia dagger is included.Reduvia Blood Blade ability that allows the dagger to send blood projectiles that deal additional damage to enemies.

Cinquedea has the Quickstep ability, which makes it easier to dodge enemies and move laterally around them.

Did you know?Elden Ring has an auto-save feature that prevents you from losing progress, but there are a few things you can do to make sure it doesn't crash. keep readingHow to save your progress in Elden RingHere.

Twinblades (Gargoyle's Twinblade y Gargoyle's Black Blades)

Twin Blade of the Gargoyle and Black Blades of the Gargoyle have a lot in common.

Both can get a power scaling of B level and have the ability Spinning Slash, which allows the blade to spin and deal damage. Thiscan also be combined with a final heavy attack.

The downside is that Twinblade and Black Blades are not easy to obtain. You will have to fight two bosses to get the weapons, and the last one cannot use Ashes of War.

Reaper (Halo Scythe and Grave Scythe)

What makes Halo Scythe and Grave Scythe such a great combination is that they each have what the other lacks.

Halo Scythe has an ability from Miquella, Ring of Light, whichshoots huge rings that can hit targets from afar.When maxed out, this weapon can deal nearly 300 physical damage and significant Holy damage that can kill smaller targets in no more than two hits.

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Grave Scythe has higher base damage, scales equally with Strength and Dexterity, and has the Whirling Slash ability that deals more bleed damage.

final result

So,What is Power Stance in Elden Ring?? Power Stance in Elden Ring is a mechanic that rewards players with a unique set of damage boosts when wielding two weapons of the same type at the same time, at the expense of the ability to hold a shield in your character's left hand and lean against attacks. defend.

Power Stance generally requires a large amount of gear charge, but is worth it in scenarios where the increased damage output can make or break the fight.


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