The best fighting champions in 5E (+ new options!) (2023)

As I mentioned inA recently published publicationBattle master Manöver was a well -known surprise for me to make the first manual for the fifth players.

I love the excitement more time played the game, it is easier to adopt a "rigid defined game mode", in which the imagination is lost and the results are determined by rules, cubes and probability.

The maneuvers of the combat master really come to rescue on this front. They not only give the fighter a much more important choice and versatility on the battlefield, but also interest them (as well as the rarely boring magicians, with all the options, with all theOptions that your magic books bring on the table), but also the imagination in one, includes with the story that you live with your character. Manöver creates a wonderful symphony between formulas and narrative fiction.

The maneuvers create a wonderful symphony between formulas and narrative fiction.

Not only that, but also mechanically, Battlemaster maneuvers are an almost perfect solution to a problem with which D&D has always been confronted: those of players who want to achieve a special effect through their attack, for example.A finite feature use: your superior cubes.

The skillful war game also means that non -disorders can enjoy a small part of the cake, according to the street, only a waste of levels!).

The best fighting champions in 5E (+ new options!) (1)

Battlemasters ... because the swords never run out of magic

Anyway, enough preamble.The 16 player maneuvers, besides a look at the last 7 published inThe Arkan Series Digar.

I also went and created 14 completely, inspired by dozens of action movies!

If this is not enough, I recommend someOther resources and publicationsDedicated to the Reddit and DM Guild topic.

A note on spelling:As I am English, sometimes I switch to British spelling "Manöver".

Player Manual: Combat maneuvers

Let's start the maneuvers first presented in the player's manual. I will give a classification of 5 by fun.

I'm too vague to write them all, I don't thinkCOAST MAGICI would be very interested in publishing such a large part of its content at the same time as copyright ... so that it is possible for your copy of the pH value to be manually.

Commander strike

Requires: Action (1 attack) + Bonus Action
This is a very useful maneuver for those who are not interested enough to, for example, sacrifice part of their own academic economy for greater skill, for example, and also see the production of damage that damage is caused there.
Qualification: 4/5


Not when it is his turn, I would ask your DM if you allow you to get an opportunity attack against creatures that collect something in the middle of the fight.Own action freely to ward off your weapon at least three meters and force you to get out of your reach and thus perform an opportunity attack that I don't want to recover.Add the damage caused.
Qualification: 5/5

Good demonstration here from Rnie ... I also liked the maneuver "Blind Parry + Trip".

Disconnect the attack

In this attack, add the superiority of your own damage and give the next ally advantage to attack the attack attack. Anytime, with a unfasant attack, this is widely useful if the party villain is directly on the initiative.
Qualification: 3.5/5

Alternative feet set

I imagine this is useful for the epic moment when you need to travel the orc hordes to lift the tract bridge, or the lever that operates the moon door, etc.etc.moments only and distant. This maneuver effectively offers a limited separation without having to spend its action, but is usually not separated as a fighter. If you are holding hands with an enemy, it is already in the right position. Another fraud: the bonusFrom CA can only be applied to a movement section ... If you run 10 feet, take an attack and then run another 15 feet, you will only have the additional air conditioner during the first part of your movement.
Qualification: 2/5

Last attack

Requires: Bonus Action
I like the idea, but it is not a good option mechanically because you need to spend superiority data and additional measures.
Qualification: 2/5

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Another of these heroic maneuvers that a selfish cock like I will never choose.The BarbarorDruid Moon CircleI don't do it for something that protects the whole party, take on an imminent attack.
Qualification: 1/5


PAROTHING TO SEE THE POINT OF THIS ... DISCUSS BELOW WHEN YOU USE WITH A GOOD EFFECT! I suppose that if you also have PFEFFANTMINE, you can attack them at 15 feet and, in the next round, you will attack you in the next round,A casual attack in which you can get into your reach. So you have two attacks, this tactic would probably make sense.
Qualification: 1/5

The best fighting champions in 5E (+ new options!) (2)

The musketeers think at least in the Monday attack ...


This is a very versatile maneuver, from which I am sure you fight oriented movements or can take level 7, tenth or 15 (if you have more maneuvers to choose).
Qualification: 3.5/5

Most threatening attack

At first, I thought this was a little "Meh", but when I checked the state mentioned above, I see that the goal in all attack papers would not only be disadvantaged against you.Great creatures in redemption and would give more large creatures an automatic passport so that Hydra can't go and intimidate, etc., I'm very afraid of wasps again ... So, maybe the size is not everything.
Qualification: 4.5/5


Requires: Reaction
This would certainly be useful, although mechanics bothered me ... I prefer that of a defensive duelist or thearmorMagic: Why isn't it the mechanic "Do you add your superiority to your AC to this attack"? Finally or Parry works (F@ck, bad boy!) Or not (eye!)Rust, the other maneuver that requires a reaction, possibly 5 points, on average, with parry (since fighters tend to lower the skill), while with Rusteser less than 13 damage with a hand weapon or should take a hand or handOr at least 16 with a two -handed weapon that surpasses most of the time. If you kill the creature with a rust before I can deliver all your attacks, you can also save some HP. In other words, you just look atParry if he is a skill fighter and probably would also seek the ripid.
Qualification: 2/5

Take this from these guys ... it's better with defensive duelist performance.

Precision attack

I selected this to my first character 5e, a villain / magic / fighter to ensure a clogged PC, but it is the most boring maneuver.
Qualification: 4/5


Push the badges of ships, bridges and cliffs, but I think it has its merits. In the beginning, 15 feet are obviously much more than a meter and eighty, so an enemy who has the feeling of making sure he could get rid ofof the intelligent use of this maneuver.of the other side of your goal (as long as you don't leave reach in an opportunity attack), so that the abyss doesn't have to be after them ... it may be from you at the beginning of the layer!Difference between this and shear attack is that if the impulse is successful or not, it causes many damage. The final attack of the round must have a casual attack if you return within your train within your reach ((assuming thatYou didn't decide enough and brought to the shell!) As DM, it would be an advantage of great creatures add size to redemption.
Qualification: 4/5

Sometimes it is worth maintaining superiority in your pocket to make a final shock ...


Requires: Bonus Action
At low levels, quite handy, but I'm worried that you will rarely allow your allies to make enough HP pulse to avoid a single attack from a half to high monsters. So it's usually a thumb of mine. It's better to concentrate on eliminating the threat.
Qualification: 2/5


Requires: Reaction
Is there anything more satisfied than damaging a creature when it is your turn?For each swordsman out there(You can access it through the skilled performance of bugity), not just forThis mosquito moment, but also because, for the second time, they can actually cause their stealing attack damage in a round because they treat him in the other person.Two traded weapons experts who can really recognize it.
Qualification: 5/5


A little fun, this can sometimes be useful against hordes, but to use the maximum effect that knows exactly how many points you have your opponents, otherwise it only spreads your damage production between various enemies, which is never a good tacticHow much I think it will be another thumb to me.
Qualification: 1/5

Remix Hipster:How about if all creatures add less than 5 feet of superiority?The big rule. "

Travel attack

This is similar to shear attack which is something you can do without having to spend pleasant breastfeeding. However, there are advantages again. It can hurt at the same time and, if successful, and if successful, canhappen. You get an advantage in later attacks, so it is a potentially strong option for a two -weapon fighter who has an additional attack on his pocket.You, to ensure that they were susceptible as long as possible and give the whole group the opportunity to evaluate with some additional attacks. In general ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is very strong.Comparing to attack, ending, we do not need to use our bonus campaign, and the advantage we preserve in the attack cubes is good to automatically offer advantages, but there is a risk of losing your superiority if you are lost later ... with TA, you can definitelyUsing your upper cubes, but it has only one 50/50 option that the trip itself works and gains the additional advantages that your opponent is susceptible.
Qualification: 4/5

Neue maneuvers: excavate Arkan

Magician of the Coast published a fleshy goodCleaAmong other things, 7 more movements for Battlemaster in the blood.

As they may not be familiar with them, I wrote them in full along with my thoughts for everyone and the qualification.


When performing a qualification check (stealth) or an initiative function, you can spend a superiority cube and add the cubes to the paper.

Thoughts:It's not bad, but if I wanted to build a stealth fighter, I would probably take stealth as a competition, and if the actor is important at first, the alarm performance is almost as good as the resource and cheaper), so I still classify himwell to give me too much. Owen level when you know a total of 5 or 7 maneuvers.
Qualification: 3.5/5

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The best fighting champions in 5E (+ new options!) (3)

Even the bravest hero sometimes has to hide ...

Bait and change

If you are less than one and a half meters from an ally of your train, you can spend a data on superiority and change your place with this ally, as long as you spend at least one meter movement. This movement does not cause opportunities. Superiority.

Thoughts:This is great, but it seems extremely situational. When a monster has just moved next to an ally so that Ally has the opportunity to separate the connection (I just wroteA separation publicationBy the way!) Before the monster attacks again. If the ally didn't move away, it's probably because they felt safe enough to stay.
Qualification: 1/5


Requires: Reaction
If an enemy can see movements less than one and a half meters away from you, you can use your reaction to generate a superiority cube and perform a weapon attack against this creature. When the attack arrive, add the superiority of damage to the damage todamage caused by damage to damage to the coup.

Thoughts:Okay, it's like a celebration of the tank cabinet championship, but for each weapon. You seem to be missing!) On the other hand of this maneuver; but this is certainly a very strong choice.
Qualification: 4/5


Requires: Bonus Action
Immediately after reaching a creature with a -on -gun attack on your train, you can spend superiority data and use additional measures to manage the goal (see Chapter 9 in the player's manual to get the rules for the fight.

Thoughts:Yes, this will survive the game tests! It was almost on board until the limited state went on. A limited creature is quite powerless and therefore it will be forced to contest the grip in your line. Apply your series (or several rounds,If it is not successful) .Determine an unfair competition that does not take into consideration the size of the creature. In that concern the player's manual, I see that even using the form of the feature would need two layers to contain a creature with two actionscomplete.and they would also be restricted. This must be contained in doses.
Qualification: broken!(If you can remove the limited state, this may be well ... But PCs also only an additional measure to deal with and increase their possibilities for obtaining competition by 22.5%by superiority. That's probably too much)


This can
Pass a cube of superiority and add the superiority of checking the skills.

Thoughts:At first, this seems to be out of context and is concerned that superiority becomes very versatile. It is difficult to create a charismatic legend hero.convince the advice to take the threat seriously in the north, etc.etc.etc.I like it and could also take it to certain characters.
Qualification: 3/5

The best fighting champions in 5E (+ new options!) (4)

Perhaps the silver language is not a bad choice ...


Requires: Bonus Action
As an additional action, you can spend superiority data and make a remote weapon attack. You can draw a weapon that is thrown as part of the attack. When you get it right, add damage to damage to attack on attack.

Thoughts:Well, the name looks bad. Designers introduced the excavated arcana as part of the villain district. Capacity. If I was a fan of the archers, use "fast shooting" (as it should be called). You can also use additional action to releaseAn attack of weapons, so I'm not sure what this middle prayer is about.
Qualification: 5/5

Learning Age

By conducting a wisdom review (information) or an intelligence check (search), you can spend a superiority cube and add the appreciation of checking skills.

Thoughts:I could more or less copy and insert my thoughts on the silver tongue here, although I was used less personally for this ability.
Qualification: 2/5

Hipster maneuver

Perhaps because I saw a lot of classic action movies about coronavirus block time, but I started dreaming some more movements that would be fun to overcome Dungeons & Dragons.

I just wanted to do some of them, but the ideas came up ... So let's go here!

I passed these passes with a partner DM and I think they are more or less balanced. You should be able to insert them into your game, reasonably with confidence. However, if you see a problem, mark it in the comments area.

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Acrobatic attack

You can spend 5 feet of motion and spend a superiority to confuse a goal in the 5 feet of you. Review a DC 15 Deportade Review (Acrobatics).The lens. When it comes, add damage to the superiority data.

Design notes:An effect similar to the thin attack to finance something disappointing, but here you do not need to use your bonus campaign (to which it could have another use).for all combatant constructions.

Acrobatic defense

Requires: Bonus Action
If you hit a creature with a member - gun attack, you can think of a cube and use your bonus action to try to get out of risk.May the goal of your attack have a disadvantage in your attack on him until the end of his next layer.

Design notes:Power Ninja! I think the players liked to describe their settings, twists and deadly in this and in the previous maneuvers.

Blunt strike

They refer to the eyes of a creature at their fingertips with a gun attack. It is a cube of superiority and attacks the disadvantage.It must make the Constitution save. In a failed economy, it is blind until the end of its next round. If it fails for 10, loses an eye.

Design notes:A higher risk, a higher reward! Be sure to enter a country in Cicos.

The most famous blindness in cinema?

Combined attack

Requires: Reaction
If you reach your bonus campaign with a melee attack, you can spend a cube about superiority and use your reaction to perform an additional melee attack against the same goal. If you find yourself, add superiority, you die for damage.

Design notes:One for two weapon fighters. A beautiful atmosphere of Tekken / Street fighter in this maneuver with a last hard blow.

Paralisia Oppries

If you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can spend a data of superiority to try to stop the creature. Increase damage to attack on superiority data, and the goal should achieve the constitution. In a failed economy, its speed is reducedhalved and has a disadvantage of the skill economy until the end of its next round.

Design notes:Practical if you are planning a tactical retreat with the fire of the cover provided by the fire of the roofbeametc ..


Requires: Bonus Action
You can spend a superiority data and use a bonus campaign for your turn and select a creature one and a half from your target. Subtract the superiority of your next attack on you until the end of your next round.

Design notes:I have developed this with the idea that you can keep one enemy in chess while taking the other and, if you flanking, you can decide that none of the opponents receive a flank bonus if you touch this maneuver.1.


Requires: Action + Reaction
When I did the Dodge campaign, you can think of a cube to take a defensive attitude. If you attack a creature in this position before your next course starts, you can use a body weapon reaction that attacks attacks and increases themdamage to damage.

Design notes:This maneuver had to be better than simply avoiding + ripid, otherwise it would be better to take the imitation tax. This is very useful. What the tract bridge, during the first fool that tries to stop.

The best fighting champions in 5E (+ new options!) (5)

Monitoring your opponents in the reflection of your Katana is the key to the success of a defense site

Deactivation strike

If you reach a creature with a gun attack, you can spend the creature's offensive potential on your next round. He opens the superiority of the creature's next attack. If the creature has several ways that can attack DM as claws, bitesAnd tail at DM's discretion, you can choose which attack you are.

Design notes:It can be useful if you have Little HP!

Below, but not

If you are susceptible and a creature performs a melee attack against you, you can spend a cube of superiority and use your reaction to impose a punishment that corresponds to your superiority on attacks against you until the end of your next curve or your next curve, Or if the creature is large or smaller, try to stumble with a hand or free foot. Movement is reduced to 0 to the rest of the change to 0 superior cubes.

(Video) What Is The Best FIGHTER Subclass In D&D Actually?

Design notes:Very pleased with this, even if it's a little tidy. Big Tamanho in Rescue.

Knockout strike

If you reach a large or smaller creature with a unarmed blow, you can spend on the cubes of superiority to try to numb the creature. It adds damage to the attack on superiority data. Goal should make a photo of redemption that the constitution with a current shouldDirect corresponds to the total damage caused by the strike. Failing, she is surprised by the beginning of her next round. If 5 or more fail, it will be passed out for 1 minute.

Design notes:It's not a very 5e design, I admit, and you may need some game tests (ie liquid rules if you allow a PC to do), but I have a feeling that someone's beating unconsciously in D&D is to bePossible.Att the unlikely sidebery.The standard -dc for parades against the effects of Battlemaster.Fighter YB Battlemaster.Feat) fight with only one hand weapon and a naked wrist! There would be great creatures in redemption.

Preventive attack

Requires: Reaction
If a creature in its reach is achieved, it can spend a data on superiority and first attack your reaction to create a melee attack list against it.

Design notes:This is a very strong change in the action economy, hence the disadvantage. A great movement if you know that your opponent's next success will be enough to reach it.

A very good demonstration because the preventive attack exceeds RSTEZ ...


Prerequisite: ShieldMaster Feat
Requires: Bonus Action
If at least 10 feet move straight before pressing a creature with your signal with the bonus campaign, you can spend a superiority cube to improve your chances of success.Superiority moves the action.

Design notes:Jeremy Crawford has decided that after their main attacks, they should only use Shieldmaster's bonus campaign, but ruins this kind of kind of tricks and is contradictory about how I imagine the combatants would use their signal ... at least in the movie (Me (me (I (i (i) i (i) (i) (i) i (me (me (me (me (me) I prepare, I "I prepare for you,You are in the real life to emulate!) To lead with your signal, especially with your signal when you are invited to combat. Anyway, this is a solution mechanic that helps you get more sword and mileage!


You can spend superiority data and use additional measures to intimidate opponents on a 15 feet cubes before you. Large or smaller chiatures should shoot with charisma.First time, you reach a scared creature of you before the end of your train, add superiority to attack on attack.

Design notes:I imagined that Conan made the figure of eight with a large light sword as he accused the battle when it occurred to me. It could also be a charismatic swashbuckler and turn to his stew.The fact that you probably do not pay so much attention to this strength sample and also to large creatures that are not easily intimidated by these paintings. Fine, victims should also be smart enough to realize that showboater is a hand with a blade.It means that no beasts or zombies, etc., that do not appreciate the technical magic displayed.

... the other of the exposure attack.

Defense whirlwind

You can spend superiority data and use additional measures on your series to perform a rotating defensive maneuver that should avoid multiple enemies. All creature that is less than one meter and eighty of them in the next attack against them before the end of your next curve.

Design notes:Horde of fighting is difficult! This should make it easier. It was tempting to invent a maneuver with which they would allow the characteristics of Horde and Whirlwind attacks.

Instinctive maneuvers

As I classified this, I found that there were some of those who liked the taste, but it was not powerful enough or very situational to take into consideration seriously; at least at the 3rd level.

Since now we also have 16 pH value maneuvers, plus 7 in the AU and now 14 more cool and home dragons, if you want to use them, I find it fair to give the battle masters a little more to the option.It can propose the battle masters that I can select three regular maneuvers at the third level and 1 instinctive maneuvers, but they can add everything that is slightly smaller than the others.

Unmatched attack (pH)
Monday attack (pH)
Parry (pH)
Rallye (ph)
Great attack (pH, although my remix may not be on this list because it is remarkably powerful)

Bait and change (UA)
Plameteda (IS)
Look Soldious (UA)

Defensive (H&D)
Defense Attitude (H&D)
Below, but no (H&D)

More resources: Dm Guild

During the examination of this article, I found a little more inspiration to develop one or two of the previous ones, such as:This article on ReddityThis too.

I like it tooThis product at DMS Guild ... 25 new maneuversI think the idea that some have a prerequisite makes sense, even if I didn't follow this path with my own at the end.

After all, this creator made the maneuvers starts from the Chamber of Arms of each class in the fifth edition, with95 to chooseFrom different levels of performance (ie you can access better maneuvers at best maneuvers). I think it's a great idea for those who want to present a more versatile fighting game in their game.

(Video) The Best Battlemaster Fighter Maneuvers in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Comments below!

Share your thoughts in the comments and remember your good manners over time.

You also share your own homemade maneuvers, or if you want to balance or create something for you, I will surely try!



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