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Hailing from the plane of shadow, Shadar-kai are elves forged in the necrotic energies of their dark homeworld. Learn how to play a Shadar-kai here!

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What is this guide?

This guide is intended to give you an idea of ​​whether or not Shadar-kai is a good fit for your 5th character build.

The color coding below has been implemented so you can quickly see how good this option will be for your Shadar-Kai. This color coding isn't a hard and fast rule; There are many sub-optimal options that are appropriate and fun for your party.

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  • Schwartzis a trait shared by many races and does not affect the effectiveness of your character build
  • Roodcontributes nothing to the effectiveness of your character build
  • OrangeGood situationally, but otherwise a sub-par option
  • Vegetablesit's a good option
  • Blauis a great option, you should definitely consider this option for your character
  • Blue skyit's a great option. If you don't choose this option, your character will not be optimized.

Tashas Cauldron of All-Upgrade

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything has added a Customize Your Origin option that can affect skill scores, language, and skill boosts in this guide. If you want to read more about it, visit our.

Was it sind Shadar-kai in 5e?

Which: Monster of the Multiverses

Shadar-kai are known for their dark, dark appearance and their association with Shadowfell - a plane of existence that exists parallel to the material plane and is associated with death and darkness.

In D&D, Shadar-kai are typically portrayed as highly skilled and agile warriors, with an affinity for magic and the ability to teleport short distances through the use of shadows. Due to their Shadowfell origin, they are also known for their resistance to necrotic energy.

Shadar-kai was originally introduced as the fifth playable raceMordenkainen's Tome of Enemiesbut were republished inMonster des Multiversums. If you want to see the legacy version of this playable race go toour elf guide.

Features of Shadar-kai 5e

Increase skill score: as you can choose between +2 ASI, +1 ASI or +1, +1, +1 ASI, you can choose exactly what your build needs.

Dunkle Vision: Darkvision is always great, but the advantage can be ruined if your party members don't have it as well.

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fae ancestors: Advantage over enchantment is often useful as the effect of enchantment is relatively common.

heightened senses: Free Perception skill is always welcome.

Trance: The elf's trance seems harmless, but it's quite strong on closer inspection. First, being semi-conscious means you'll be less surprised. Second, mages (particularly mages and sorcerers) can only sleep 4 hours in order to wake up before the rest of the party, cast a spell, and rest briefly to recover the spell. This can be extremely powerful with the right spell and circumstances.

Raven Queen's Blessing: This function is a direct upgrade from the previous version because you can launch it nownebulous stepat least twice and at most six times per 17th level per long rest. You also gain resistance to all damage for one more turn if you use this ability at 3rd level or higher, which is a big plus for survivability.

Necrotic Resistance: Necrotic damage is a relatively common form of damage, making it a solid passive to pick up at 1st level.

Which fifth classes work with Shadar-kai?

The Shadar-kai doesn't actually have any drawbacks. They offer an excellent movement option, some excellent characteristics of the parent elven race, and an overall resistance to damage.

The only thing that can get in the way of a truly optimized Shadar-Kai build is if your Blessing of the Raven Queen bonus action is constantly conflicting with another class feature that uses a bonus action. However, the Raven Queen's Blessing combined with damage resistance will likely eclipse any other move you make in a specific situation that calls for it. For example, if your fighter is low on health and stuck in a group of enemies, this is most likely the case.nebulous stepout and get damage resistance by swinging with aunprepared attack.

Some buildings whose bonus action interferes with the Raven Queen benefit are:

  • Those who use a companion postTashas (Beast Master reformulado, Battle Smith's Steel Defender, Artillerist's Eldritch Cannon ou Drakewarden's Drake)
  • Two gun combat building
  • Bards using bardic inspiration
  • Villains and their cunning actions
  • Rangers and Warlocks who love to runhunter signEmhexadecimal, or

For any spells that want to use Shadar Kai's Raven Queen's Blessing to save spell slots, consider this castnebulous stepAs a bonus action, using Blessing of the Raven Queen is still technically a leveled spell. Therefore, you can only cast a cantrip as a second spell.

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does everything: Decent for crafters, especially those who focus on melee combat and can use their teleport skill. However, they do not have specific racial traits that specifically benefit the artisan class. Also, make sure half of the crafting subclasses (Battlesmith and Artilleryman) have a consistent use for their bonus action.

Elevation: Barbarians gain resistance to physical damage as they attack. If damage resistance is important to you and you're not going to subclass Path of the Totem (Bear), this might be a good option. Especially when you want accessnebulous step, it would be better to choose another elven subrace like thisEladrin.

It happened: Even if you have a semi-regular bonus action on Bard's Inspiration and have itnebulous stepon their spell list, shadar-kai are still an effective race to start with. Onebulous stepCasts can let you spend your spell slots elsewhere, and damage resistance will help you stay alive with your D8success data.

Mental: Clerics normally don't have accessnebulous stepand can be very useful for running around the battlefield, giving heals, buffs or debuffs. The bonus action can be combined with other basic items such asspirit weaponBut generally using the Raven Queen's Blessing is more important than dealing extra damage. You also get a free Perception skill that pairs nicely with your improved WIS.

Druid:misty stepis a useful spell for quick movement and strategic actions like healing, buffing and debuffing on the battlefield. While druids don't normally have access to it, it can still be a valuable addition to their abilities, despite potential conflicts with other spells such asheat metalor the Circle of the Moon Combat Wild Shape druid. However, these conflicts will not occur often.

fighter: Fighters love the ability to do thisnebulous stepin battle. If they are closing in on an enemy or need to step out of the shadows to be healed, a bonus action teleport is extremely useful. Now stack up the damage resistance that the Raven Queen's Blessing provides and the additional Necrotic Resistance and you have the perfect combination of movement and survivability.

monge: Monks need their bonus action for Flurry and other ki-fueled abilities, but they usually fight with ranged and survivability options, both of which can be resolved by the blessing of the Raven Queen of Shadar-Kai.

Paladin: The ability to use Mist Steps in combat is highly prized by paladins, as they can quickly approach or retreat from enemies, and can disengage for free if necessary. Additionally, the added damage resistance benefit of Blessing of the Raven Queen combined with Necrotic Resistance makes for a potent combination of mobility and survivability.

Förster: The Raven Queen's Blessing can be particularly valuable to rangers, as it gives them additional movement options they wouldn't normally get. However, Rangers are known for a myriad of uses for their bonus action, such as:hunter sign, Drakewarden's Drake, Horizon Walker's Planar Warrior, and Monster Slayer's Slayer's Prey, all of which can rival the Shadar Kainebulous step. Still, melee fighters can take advantage of the extra mobility and survivability, while ranged fighters can take advantage of the free split option to keep their distance and still be able to attack.

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villain: Unfortunately, villains focus too much on bonus actions to get the most out of themnebulous steps Blessing of the Raven Queen delivers. Whether they're hiding or fleeing with a cunning action, pouncing flat-footed to attempt a sneak attack, using the optional Steady Aim feature, or using a subclass feature like Mastermind's Master of Tactics, Soulknife's Psychic Blades, or Thief's Fast Hands, there are many uses for them. commit to the Shadar-Kai style of play. All of this, along with Cunning Action's Disengage bonus action option, means there's a lot of overlap to make a Shadar Kai ideal for rogues.

magical:misty stepit's already available to mages, but since they have a short list of known spells, Blessing of the Raven Queen's free casts are a welcome bonus. The only conflict for bonus actions would be if the caster really liked using the Quickened Spell Metamagic option, but these conflicts should be relatively uncommon.

magical:misty stepit's already available for Warlocks, but since they're heavily tied to spell slots, being able to cast it for free with Blessing of the Raven Queen is a welcome bonus. Since sorcerers also recharge spell slots during a short break, you can use trance to your advantage by waking up before your party and casting a long-lasting spell, such as:hexadecimalvonmagic armor(or both) and short pauses to regain spell slots.

magical: although you don'tto needThe Libertynebulous stepWhen accessing some free spells for long range, you can use your reserved spell slots to deal damage or utility. Since casters gain access to Arcane Recovery, you can use trance to your advantage by waking up before your party does and casting a long duration spell such as:magic armorand short breaks to recover spell slots. Note that you can only use Arcane Restoration once per day, and only to restore a spell slot up to 6th level.

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