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In 1872, Gottfried Schenker changed transport. We carry on - we shape the industry with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Once upon a time in logistics

From carriages to freighter drones, we have a lot of experience and a lot of stories to tell. Take a look and let's see how you can be a part of our future.

  • 1872

    Schenker & Co. was founded by Gottfried Schenker.

  • 1997

    New business areas: Schenker International, logistics and Eurocargo.

  • Today

    We're still on the move and ready for the future of transportation.

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Seems like yesterday: our last years

As a logistician, we are used to a fast pace and we increase our performance every year.

  • Our Company History | Our story (3)

    We celebrate 150 years!

    • DB Schenker celebrates "150 Years of Uplifting Lives" with festivities on every continent.
    • DB Schenker introduces digital innovations that strengthen supply chains and make them more sustainable.
    • Launch of numerous sustainable logistics options, such as a global carbon-neutral air freight offering, eTrailers to decarbonize long distances, options for zero-emission sea freight and the opening of the upcoming DLC ​​3 renewable megahub in Dubai.
    • With the acquisition of USA Truck, DB Schenker is expanding its presence in North America.
    Our Company History | Our story (4)

    drones. Yes, you heard right.

    • Lufthansa Cargo and DB Schenker show a joint commitment in one aircraft.
    • DB Schenker invests in the pioneer of autonomous mobile robotics, Gideon Brothers.
    • First public flight of the VoloDrone heavy drone.
    (Video) LDC Corporate Video: Our Company Story
    Our Company History | Our story (5)

    we are not future

    • First carbon-neutral commercial flight in history.
    • Red Lion's new warehouse in Singapore represents a record investment in the company's history of €101 million.
    Our Company History | Our story (6)

    Passionate about solutions

    • DB Schenker is the first to use Volvo's all-electric distribution truck in everyday traffic.
    • Opening of Norway's first low-carbon distribution terminal – Oslo City Hub.
    • Opening of a fully solar-powered logistics center in Dubai.

    The beginning of the 21st century

    • 2018

      • Introducing the startup what3words.
      • First with 3D printing solutions: DB Schenker is the world's first logistics service provider to offer its customers a comprehensive 3D printing service.
      • Introduction of a smart scanning glove in Germany.


      • DB Schenker inaugurates its largest logistics center in Madrid, Spain - an investment of 22 million euros.
      • New IT center opened in Warsaw.
    • 2016

      • As official co-partner of the Olympic Games in Germany and exclusive logistical partner of German House, DB Schenker is involved in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
      • DB Schenker opens its first logistics center in the Middle East in Dubai.
      • DB Schenker has invested in the digital future and signed a long-term partnership agreement with the global uShip marketplace.


      • Next-generation e-commerce: DB Schenker strengthens its e-commerce logistics division with Carry Pick, a system that combines robotics and automated packing.
      • DB Schenker is a partner of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS and responsible for the European logistics of the Formula 1 team.
      • DB Schenker opens its largest and most modern terminal in Viinikkala, Finland.
    • 2014

      • DB Schenker has been headquartered in Hamburg for 125 years.
      • DB Schenker is the exclusive logistical partner of the German House in Sochi 2014.


      (Video) JW Michaels & Company: Our Story

      • DB Schenker celebrates its 140th anniversary.
      • DB Schenker safely shipped 100 containers of high-tech equipment for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 to Baku, Azerbaijan and vice versa.
      • DB Schenker is in charge of equipping stadiums and media on stages in Poland and Ukraine.
      • As an official co-partner of the German Olympic team in London 2012, DB Schenker supports the smooth running of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.
    • 2011

      • DB Schenker is building a new logistics center in Leipzig to supply car factories in China and South Africa. DB Schenker is involved in the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup™ as an official logistics service provider.


      • DB Schenker opens a new logistics center in Pardubice, Czech Republic, and at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden.
      • The national company in Spain enters the market under the name of DB Schenker Spain-Tir.
      • Company founder Gottfried Schenker is posthumously inducted into the "Logistics Hall of Fame" for his services to the development of logistics.
      • DB Schenker celebrates the 50th anniversary of its activities in Argentina and its 40th anniversary in Singapore.
      • DB Schenker is opening a new terminal in Salzburg for €26 million, which will serve as a hub for transporting goods across Europe.
      • DB Schenker is organizing and installing 20,000 tables and benches along the A40 highway for the RUHR.2010 "Stillleben A40/B1" street festival.
      • DB Schenker offers a product specifically for the cost-effective combination of road and rail in European land transport.
      • DB Schenker is the official service provider for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada.
    • 2009

      • DB Schenker opens its new air freight hub at Frankfurt Airport, the largest hub of its kind in the company's network.
      • In the US, BAX Global is integrated into DB Schenker.
      • With the acquisition of S.C. Romtrans S.A. DB Schenker now has a dense network across Romania and is becoming one of the leading national service providers.
      • DB Schenker launches the “DB Eco Program”, an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions.


      • Opening of the first multimodal logistics center in Finland.
      • Acquisition of Spain-Tir.


      • New structure at DB Logística.
      • Acquisition of BAX Global.
      • New logistics hub for North Asia in Korea.
    • 2005

      • The Schenker logistics center for consumer goods in Willebroek, Belgium, starts operations.
      • Network strengthening in Russia and market position in Norway with Linjegods.


      • The integration of Schenker and Spedpol makes Schenker one of the leading integrated logistics providers in Poland.
      • "Class A" license for new subsidiary in China's growth market.


      • Official IOC supplier for transport and cargo handling services for the Olympic Games (Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008).
      • Integration of Schenker and Joyau in France.
    • 2002

      • Schenker celebrates its 130th birthday.
      • Schenker and Seino combine their international and logistics activities in Japan under Schenker-Seino Ltd.
      • The integrated logistics center Narita, Tokyo, is inaugurated.
      • Deutsche Bahn acquires a majority stake in Stinnes.


      • Fusie van Schenker-BTL (Deutschland) AG and Schenker International Deutschland GmbH tot Schenker Deutschland AG.


      (Video) Hotel story: Elevated Hospitality: Experience Our Brand-New Hotel

      • Opening of the Integrated Logistics Center Rotterdam.
      • Schenker, Inc. nominated for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics.
      • Schenker and Deutsche Bahn establish Railog joint venture for rail logistics services.
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  • How 100 years have passed

    We've been there for our customers for an entire century. We face new challenges and new partnerships, always with the aim of finding the best solution.

  • Our Company History | Our story (10)

    125 years of history


    • Schenker Australia has been appointed Official Freight Forwarder for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Strategic alliance between Schenker and Seino.


    • Coordination of land transport in Europe in Schenker and BTL under the name Schenker-BTL.


    • Schenker can look back on a 125-year history.
    • Schenker AG repositions itself with the sale of the bulk business and the formation of three new business areas: Schenker Logistics, Schenker International and Schenker Eurocargo.
    • Through the participation in the Swedish BTL-AB, Gothenburg, the largest transport and logistics service provider in Europe is created.


    • Air and sea freight, land transport, handling/logistics and port activities at Stinnes are brought together under the aegis of Schenker-Rhenus AG.
    Our Company History | Our story (11)

    Explore new beaches


    • Stinnes AG takes over the majority stake in Schenker from Deutsche Bundesbahn.


    • The company decides to introduce SWORD (Schenker's Worldwide Online Realtime Data Network) and EDIFACT standards.


    • Schenker becomes official freight forwarder for the Olympic Games in Munich.
    • JETcargo, SEAcargo and Eurocargo currencies marked for bulk transport by air, sea, rail and road.


    • A special office will be set up in Taiwan to monitor the Taiwanese market.


    • A separate company was created in Hong Kong to monitor the Asian market.


    • The subsidiary is based in the US; Internationalization and air freight are widely promoted.
    Our Company History | Our story (12)

    first times

    • Schenker is acquired by Deutsche Bahn.
    • First maritime transport of cargo containers.

    Or Schenker paper not National Socialism (1931-1945)

    Founded in 1931, Schenker & Co. GmbH was taken over by the former Deutsche Reichsbahn and is now under state control. After the National Socialists took power in 1933, the Jewish director Marcell Holzer was removed from office and imprisoned, and key positions in administrative and supervisory bodies were filled by members of the NSDAP party.

    (Video) Our Story - FMD Company Timeline 2023

    As early as 1933, with a few exceptions, supervisory and administrative bodies dismissed Jewish employees in Germany and later also in foreign subsidiaries.

    During World War II Schenker was extensively involved in armament and the war economy as a freight forwarder and actively benefited from the close connection with the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Schenker expands its commercial activities, especially in the occupied and conquered areas of Central and Eastern Europe.

    Schenker transports war goods, ammunition and war material and also transports for Wehrmacht, military economy and military needs. Schenker is also involved in "clearance transports" of confiscated and looted goods.

    In 1944, Schenker was named "Reich Trusted Shipper".

    Schenker's role in National Socialism is being examined as part of an extensive scientific study by the Society for Corporate History. The study aims to help answer open research questions. Research questions center on Schenker's active participation in “Aryanization” and forced labor. Once the work is completed, the results will be published.

    How it all began

    Everyone starts somewhere, we started in 1872. Learn about our first steps to create innovative logistics and transportation solutions around the world.

  • Our Company History | Our story (13)

    We are flying high now


    • The German export industry participates in an international fair organized by Schenker.


    • First air cargo shipments in Germany.


    • After World War I, Schenker focused on courier services, regional freight forwarders, removals and stock exchange services.


    • Gottfried Schenker dies in Vienna and is taken over by his adopted son Dr. August Schenker Angerer.

    across the big pond


    • Founding of the Austro-American Navigation Company.


    • Acquisition of a stake in the steam navigation company Adria Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft.
    Our Company History | Our story (14)

    We went international


    • Offices in Budapest, Hungary, Bucharest, Romania and Prague, Czech Republic.


    • First consolidated rail shipment from Paris, France to Vienna, Austria.


    (Video) Our Story | Miller Electric Company

    • Gottfried Schenker founds Schenker & Co. in Vienna, Austria.


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    10 rules for great storytelling
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