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From 2023 we see that there is a great need for organizations to efficiently manage organizational activities. Managing large amounts of databases and retrieving information, as well as analyzing data and reports, has become a tedious task in today's real estate era. Therefore, organizations are looking for solutions that help the business to accomplish the task of reporting efficiently. Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is one of the most sophisticated and recognized business reporting solutions today. On thisStep by step of Oracle BI Publisher, learn more about Oracle BI Publisher, features, benefits, etc.

Oracle BI Publisher Tutorial Table of Contents

  • ¿Fue Oracle BI Publisher?
  • Why Oracle BI Publisher?
  • How do BI Publisher reports run?
  • Generating BI Publisher reports
  • Benefits of Oracle BI Publisher
  • Limitations in Oracle BI Publisher

¿Fue Oracle BI Publisher?

Oracle BI Publisher was formerly known as XML Publisher. Oracle BI Publisher is known as an enterprise reporting solution and document output management solution developed by Oracle. Report formats are created using Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. These are the tools most users are familiar with. With Oracle BI Publisher, you can create a variety of reports from the various data sources available.

Oracle BI Publisher is known as a standalone reporting product integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition. It allows you to login to BI Publisher and helps you create reports using the different data sources available like web services, files, RSS feeds, Oracle database, etc. It also allows you to create parameterized reports.

Oracle BI Publisher helps simplify report generation and form creation. One of the key features of the Oracle BI Publisher product is the separation of the data extraction process from the report design. With Oracle BI Publisher, you can design and create report layout templates using the most popular desktop applications such as Adobe and Word as mentioned above. Using a single template gives you the flexibility to create multiple reports in many different formats. It can be HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF, etc. With Oracle BI Publisher, reporting reduces report maintenance, making business users happy to make adjustments to report templates without requiring IT resources.

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Why Oracle BI Publisher?

Most companies have different problems when it comes to reporting. Each organization has its own way of creating invoices, forms, reports, etc. Most organizations will face the problem that data sources from different applications and outputs in the form of different formats with different delivery needs travel as destinations.

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Oracle BI Publisher is not just a tool, it is a complete reporting solution that helps you design and create portrait documents and reports. The main feature that will gain importance is that reports will be simplified and better managed by separating data, translation and design.

Oracle BI Publisher is used to publish everything the organization needs to operate, such as invoices, customer statements, etc. Oracle BI Publisher can do the following:

  • It helps you to create your own dashboards.
  • It helps you create enterprise-class reports and ready-to-use reports in just a few minutes.
  • Help facilitate work according to their needs and act accordingly.
  • Using the robust scheduler, you can schedule the report output to be generated and delivered using distribution according to your preferences. This has improved flexibility with more custom calendars, recurrence patterns and also scalability.
  • Helps you create and print pixel-perfect reports.
  • Oracle BI Publisher also implements advanced security through features such as role-based authentication, control over printing and copying content, PDF password protection, digital signatures, and more.

Data models and designs:

A data model is generally known as the set of instructions given to the BI editor to retrieve the data and also to structure it so that it can be linked to the design. A data model is known as an object that helps to extract the data from the data source. The data model can contain the list of values ​​and parameters that help to filter the data in later stages. Application to create a data model directly from the editor screen using the data model editor.

A report layout in BI Publisher helps you display data in an easy-to-understand format. A report can contain multiple layouts with a data model. There will be complex layouts that can be created using a powerful template builder which is a plug-in for Microsoft Word and Excel. There are also some other tools that can be used to develop the design.

There is no one-to-one relationship between the data model and the design. They are placed together, joined together at runtime, and considered independent of each other. There could be one model with multiple layouts, or one layout and many data models.

What is translation?

The translation refers to the support of multiple layouts. BI Publisher provides extensible support for multiple layouts from multiple translations. You must know that all layers can look the same. However, the language in the layout can be different. You can find out when you upload the design templates

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Access an Oracle BI Publisher:

You can access Oracle BI Publisher by logging in with credentials or as a guest.

Here is a process you need to go through to initiate the new login with credentials:

  • You need to navigate to the URL provided by the admin.
  • You must choose your preferred language for the login page. The language selection applies only to the current session of BI Publisher. The next time you log in to the editor, the original default language will be displayed.
  • Enter credentials, username and login and click Login.

Log in as a guest:

You can only register as a gift if your administrator has made guest access available to you. A guest user does not need credentials to log in. However, you only have privileges to view the reports available in the folder specifically configured for guest access.

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How do BI Publisher reports run?

Publisher reports can be run in the following ways:

1. Using the Financial Information Bureau: The Financial Information Bureau is also called the FRC. If you want to run your Publisher reports using the FRC, you must ensure that you initially run the report in the area labeled Scheduled Processes.

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2. Scheduling process business scheduling system:

Most BI Publisher reports can be run through the corporate scheduling system or through scheduled processes. This is available to corporate users based on their access role. By using these scheduling processes, BI Publisher reports run immediately or can be scheduled to run at scheduled times, such as business hours, etc.

You can also follow the log of jobs run by ESS and you can also access the output of submitted jobs. Users can access this interface by navigating to Navigator > Tools > Scheduled Processes. Most users will have access to this interface, which will help them run standard reports for general ledger and subaccount applications.

3. In-app and built-in workspace: BI Publisher reports can be run in the workspace, which includes purchase orders, pending transactions such as credit notes, invoices, debit notes, etc.

4. Directly from BI Publisher: Running reports directly from the BI Publisher is generally not recommended. However, BI to Publisher deals with the ability to ensure reports are available 24/7. To run the action directly from the BA editor, you must have the appropriate roles and access rights. Rows can be BI Consumer or BI Author, etc.

BI Publisher reporting:

You should know that a BI Publisher report consists of a data model, a data file and a layout. The evaluator template includes information about the script that helps to extract the actual data that is present in the data file and then the layout displays the data before it is delivered.

The step-by-step process to get the data from the various available data sources is to create the data model that will help you to extract the data into an XML file. Let's take an example. You can write a SQL query and then that SQL query will extract the data from relational database or available database. This data is written to an XML file. The design template helps to display the XML data in the format the business really needs. It can be a PDF, HTML, spreadsheets, CSV, text, etc.

You can also deliver it in different ways eg. B. by email, printer, fax, database or electronic commerce.

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Oracle Reports Vs. Editor of BI:

Oracle reporting is generally known as a batch or scheduled reporting solution that manages the runtime environment and programming language such as PL/SQL.

Oracle Reports is a stable tool and most reports are designed with this in mind.EBS-OracleName. Below is a list of some of the challenges found in Oracle reports.

  • It's powerful, but very complicated and difficult to use.
  • Oracle Reporting requires a significant learning curve, even for a technical developer, to become familiar with the topic.
  • In Oracle reports, translations are tedious.
  • There is a difficulty in trying to filter the data and use multiple formats for the same report.
  • Oracle Reporting is a proprietary tool and is not based on open standards.

Applications offered by Oracle BI Publisher:

Oracle BI Publisher is available as a standalone application and also as part of theTO REACH. OBIEE refere-se a um Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

There is no need to integrate standalone Business Intelligence Publisher into the Fusion environment. It is easy to use and also allows you to manage the scheduling, administrative details and the security needed to manage the reports.

As part of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Business Intelligence Publisher reports are moved to the same repository as other BI projects, the functionalities are also the same as the standalone application. However, in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, you can navigate to Enterprise Edition if you need to manage all reports.

Benefits of Oracle BI Publisher:

Oracle BI Publisher is responsible for creating, managing and delivering all reports and documents in a simpler way compared to the traditional offerings available. Below are the benefits of Oracle BI Publisher.

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  • Separate design, data logic, and translation: Oracle BI Publisher keeps the data logic, design, and translation separate, which simplifies maintenance and also gives users greater flexibility as they can reuse them. BI Publisher also supports multilingual models for a single dataset.
  • Vertical and interactive format: Oracle BI Publisher allows its users to view the report in an interactive mode to run the lightweight report and others and create pixel perfect reports.
  • Integrated with Oracle: Oracle BI Publishers is pre-integrated with Oracle and works seamlessly with PeopleSoft Enterprise, Hyperion Planning, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and more.
  • Better Managed: Oracle BI Publisher provides support including multiple layouts for a single record. This further reduces the number of reports.
  • Scheduling and expansion: With Oracle BI Publisher, you can also schedule a single report with custom content to be delivered to different locations via different output formats.
  • Hot-pluggable: Oracle BI Publisher supports integration with custom applications through web services or Java.
  • Flexible Layout Editor – With Oracle BI Publisher, you can easily create reports from any other data source along with a JDBC connection, including various web services such as HTTP XML sources, file data sources and web services.

Limitations in Oracle BI Publisher:

There are some limitations in Oracle BI Publisher.

  • Oracle BI Publisher does not support converting format triggers. However, code written to the log file is used for manual deployment.
  • Oracle BI Publisher does not support graph conversion. Let's say you're trying to create an RTF layout. Use the template generator to create the word to create graphics. If you want to create the Publisher layout template, you must use the layout editor to create the graphic.
  • Oracle BI Publisher does not support converting matrix reports. If you want to create RTF layout then you should use Word PivotTable Wizard template builder. If you want to create a BI Publisher layout template, I need to use the layout editor to create pivot tables.


As we see technological change, we must keep in mind that changing requirements require further improvement. In the reporting world, Oracle BI Publisher is now one of the strategic reporting solutions. It is very important and adds value if you have knowledge of the subject in the oracle. Oracle will always encourage its customers to adapt to strategies that help protect traditional technology investments and also allow them to take advantage of new tools and technologies that have been adopted. So I recommend you to get trained and certified in Oracle Business Intelligence to have the best career as Business Intelligence is the future now.


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