Google Cloud Contact Center AI: Pricing and Features Review (2023)

Google Cloud Contact Center AI offers complementary contact center artificial intelligence products and a comprehensive solutionContact-Center-Plattform.

With this flexibility, Google Cloud CCAI can serve a wide range of business use cases, adapting to the applications you already have while providing communication channels, analytics, self-service and AI support tools to complement your existing CCaaS setup strengthen.

This article describes Google Cloud Contact Center AI and details its pricing, product features, and benefits.

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  • Benefits of Google Contact Center AI
  • Who is Google Contact Center AI best for?

Was ist Google Contact Center AI?

Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) is a suite of Google Cloud products that aMulti-channel call centerPlatform with desktop and mobile interface, routing andURA, artificial intelligence, machine learning capabilities and analytics. The contact center provides a dashboard, communication channels, and artificial intelligence capabilities that can be standalone or integrated with contact centersCRM applicationsi usa

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CCAIContact Center as a Service(CCaaS) has multiple communication channels: SMS, chat andVoIP-Telephony, created by Google or your existing phone service provider.

With Google CCaaS software, you can choose from a range of artificial intelligence capabilities: Natural Language Understanding (NLU), real-time self-service interactions, live agent support, customer insights, and cross-channel activity metrics available to agents are accessible on mobile or desktop devices.

CCAI bundles four AI-based conversation services:

  • Omnichannel Contact Center-Plattform:VoIP, SMS and chat with routing and IVR within a desktop or mobile agent interface that allows for channel mixing within an interaction
  • Virtual Agent with DialogFlow:Build a virtual multichannel agent that offers the followingCustomer Self Service, basic query handling, context capture, and human agent workload reduction
  • Assistant Agent:Live agent support including guidance, recommended answers, context and knowledge base information
  • perceptions:Google NLU analyzes transcripts across all channels to provide agents and admins with live feedback, analytics and visualizations.

While Google Cloud Contact Center AI offers an end-to-end CCaaS platform with its own dashboard, it also integrates with the telephony and call center applications you already use, giving you great flexibility.

Google Contact Center AI plans and pricing

Google Contact Center AI products are billed monthly, per use. Each time a call center agent or supervisor makes a request through a Google Cloud API, e.g. For example, 15 seconds of speech, one minute of speech-to-text translation, or one million characters of text-to-speech, Google will charge your account. a predetermined amount.

Expect to pay $100-$200 per agent per month for full contact center functionality. However, this price is significantly lower if you only use specific APIs or CCAI products. Google is also offering all new customers $300 free credits to explore Google Cloud products.

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The table below shows the Google CCAI prices broken down by individual product.

Google Cloud CCAI productCostfree offer
Dialog Flow Virtual Agent-$0.007 per request

-$0.06 per minute of audio input or output

dictate text$0.024 per minute Speech Recognition60 minutes per month
text to speech$4 to $16 per million characters, depending on the voiceUp to 4 million characters per month
Assistant Agent$0.06 per chat session, up to 70 messagesUpload your data for Agent Assist training
Insights de IA do Contact Center-$5 per 100 calls for analytics

-$10 per 100 conversations for topic template tagging


Google Contact Center AI capabilities

The Google Contact Center AI Suite consists of four main products, each available individually or as a complete package:

  • AI Contact Center-Plattform (CCAI)
  • Virtual DialogFlow agent
  • agent support
  • CCAI-Informationen

Artificial Intelligence Platform for Contact Centers

Google Cloud CCAI offers an omnichannel CCaaS platform with multiple communication channels: VoIP phone, SMS text messaging and web chat plusRouting, queues and AI support on all channels. CCAI is specifically designed to integrate with CRM systems to allow agents to make calls, send messages and access AI support right from the CRM interface on desktop or mobile.

CCAI's products, channels, AI tools and workflows not only seamlessly integrate with CRMs, but also with call centers including Genesys, Avaya, Vonage, Five9 and more via APIs and software development kits (SDKs) that support their Guide developers in the implementation of new functions.

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Agent dashboard and interface

CCAI provides its own native dashboard that agents and supervisors can set up and managecruz, IVR, analytics, AI support and omnichannel communication.

The native CCAI interface contains the following tabs:

  • Table:An omnichannel dashboard to handle calls, notify customers via chat and SMS, and access other Google tools such as Agent Assist, customer profiles, database information, and even delivery-related Google Maps views for customers.
  • Agents:Manage agents and contact center users by assignmentDID phone numbers. Transfer your existing numbers or buy US business numbers from Google. View availability and user activity.
  • Cruz:Agents and administrators can monitor accessible queues. Administrators can customize queue priority settings and languages, assign users, and monitor agent activity. Agents can view active calls and messages.
  • Calls:Call specific queue activity
  • Chat:Specific queue activity for SMS and webchat
  • Reports:Users can view accessibleContact center metrics and KPIs– like daily call volume, average call duration, customer sentiment and more

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Multiple tools and experiences powered by Google

Engage your customers with a variety of Google-powered tools, including mobile-based technologies such as live verification, photo and screenshot request, video request, text input and signature, or protected confidential information.

Automate messaging features like appointment notifications, order and delivery status updates, and two-factor authentication. During live interactions, agents can request sensitive photos and information by asking customers to take and upload photos from their phones during the live interaction.

Integrate all these tools into your legacy contact center, CRM or native CCAI omnichannel interface.

Automated call distribution (ACD) and AI routing

Use Google DialogFlow to create advanced call distribution systems, IVR menus and call routing mechanisms. Route calls to selected queues or agents based on business hours or customer menu options, and customize routing via Dialogflow's drag-and-drop builder.

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Use Dialogflow to create a web or mobile visual IVR that customers can navigate through by typing or clicking buttons embedded on your website or mobile app and available via chat or SMS.

Virtual Agent with DialogFlow

DialogFlow is Google's virtual agent designer for creating self-service bots that interact naturally with customers via voice, SMS or chat. Virtual agents can handle basic customer inquiries, suggest and pull information from knowledge base articles, gather context, and route customers directly to real agents.

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Also, Dialogflow can provide very unique features and intents such as: B. providing current cryptocurrency prices, customer credit scores, jokes, horoscope readings and much more.

Use the visual flow builder to create or edit conversation flows in minutes. Build multi-channel flows that integrate web channels, mobile devices, messaging apps like Slack or Twitter, and telephony or CCaaS providers like Avaya, Genesys, and Cisco.

Google text-to-speech creates interactive content,Konversations-IVRTechnologies capable of translating chatbot and voicebot messages into 50+ different languages ​​and accents. Speech-to-text is powered by Google's Natural Language Understanding (NLU), which uses state-of-the-art speech recognition to understand a variety of languages ​​and accents to enable conversations with a natural feel.

DialogFlow features:

  • Constructor-Visual:A drag-and-drop flow builder to combine multiple app features, automations, and channels. Create flyers, collect customer data, route callers, and provide dynamic responses.
  • Advanced Actions:Build a virtual agent that offers your customers an engaging, useful, and unique intent: product shipping and returns, knowledge base article recommendations, answers to frequently asked questions, and even games and jokes.
  • Prebuilt Agents:Quickly deploy a virtual agent with Google's library of 40+ pre-built templates for many common use cases: retail, hotels, reservations, finance, healthcare, and more
  • Additional questions:Build virtual agents that handle conversation deviations and seamlessly guide customers back into the conversation.
  • Natives IVR-Setup:Program IVR and IVA bots to provide features such as DTMF selection, agent hot transfer, intrusion where agents can join the conversation, and voice timeouts if a customer has not responded within a predefined time interval.
  • Analyse:DialogFlow includes advanced performance dashboards with images for virtual agent stats like channel usage and activity over time.
  • Sentiment Analysis and Intent Recognition:Virtual agents recognize customer sentiment and intent, and use that information to inform responses and generate more informed insights.

Assistant Agent

Agent Assist is a live AI conversational support tool integrated with the agent dashboard, providing real-time support for chat and voice interactions through knowledge base recommendations and suggested responses.

The tool's AI-powered conversational models learn from the transcript of each conversation, identifying text patterns from agents and customers to deliver personalized recommendations that are increasingly on-brand. Admins can configure Agent Assist with custom features and response options by using the Google Simulator to test the product before deployment.

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Agent Assist improves agent performance with the following live features and functionality:

  • Live transcript:Voice subtitles for reference in real time or after the call
  • Additional knowledge:A screen window that suggests relevant articles and FAQs based on the topic of conversation
  • Smart answer:Suggested replies and one-click reply buttons based on the topic of the conversation. Intelligent responses evolve over time to reflect the tone of the agent and the brand.
  • intelligent writing:A built-in auto-complete feature that completes the agent's sentences as they type in the chat field
  • Summary:Automatic call summaries that are later accessible to agents and supervisors
  • Sentiment Analysis:Live sentiment analysis to guide agent decisions and inform AI suggestions


Contact Center AI Insights provides analytics via dashboards, visual displays, metrics and KPIs for call center activity, usage, agent performance and customer data. Insights include analyzing customer keywords, sentiment, hot topics and more.

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Insights collects and imports multi-channel data from other parts of your contact center, including DialogFlow, Agent Assist, and integrated contact center providers.

Google Cloud Contact Center AI: Pricing and Features Review (6)

Contact Center AI Insights Features:

  • Table:Insights creates a supervisor dashboard populated with custom KPIs and graphs, including daily conversation volume, customer and agent sentiment, conversation topics, and the number of turns in a conversation. This information can be averaged, quantified over a historical period, or even combined for comparative metrics.
  • Transcript notes:NLU and identified search terms provide information for automatically annotating transcripts, highlighting key moments and repetitionsCall Center Monitoring. Supervisors can see how customers' and agents' moods changed during the conversation and annotate scripts that look for different word categories such as intentions, interruptions, and long silences.
  • Modeling Topics:Speech analysis uses transcripts to determine the topics of each conversation and the intent behind each customer call. This information is organized on the CCAI dashboard, allowing the admin to understand which topics are most important to customers and driving the most inbound activities.
  • Search and filter:Admins can sort conversations and metrics by agent, date, and even search the entire transcript library by keyword or subject.

Benefits of Google Contact Center AI

Compared to alternative call centers and CCaaS platforms, Google Contact Center AI offers some key benefits:

  • agent efficiency
  • Information that drives business decisions
  • Enable customer self-service
  • Dynamic mobile use cases
  • flexibility and integrations

agent efficiency

With AI support tools, virtual agents and seamless desktop integration with CRM and CCaaS applications, the CCAI platform gets the best out of your live agents.

Agent Assist knowledge base recommendations and live voice guidance help agents quickly handle and improve callsFirst call resolutionand lower yoursaverage length of service. Dialogflow's self-service handles basic customer inquiries and frees agents from the hassle of customers who need personalized support. Routing and IVR tools direct callers to the right agent the first time, reducing wasted time.

Information that drives business decisions

CCAI Insights uses advanced NLU to identify unique information such as customer and agent sentiment, caller intent, topic patterns, and usage activity that inform critical business and call center decisions.

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Topic templates help admins understand why customers are calling, which provides insights into improving your company's products and services.

Transcript annotations and highlighting help supervisors quickly scan conversations to find customer issues or recurring themes. This allows for more accurate and efficient agent evaluation and feedback.

Enable customer self-service

With Dialogflow, you can create an intelligent virtual agent that combines natural interactions with numerous self-service actions: knowledge base recommendations and FAQs, appointment creation and submission, purchase options, routing, and even off-the-beaten-path API functions. like horoscope readings and inspirational quotes.

These tools increase customer satisfaction with the ability to handle a wider range of requests than most self-service engines, and the conversational feel across voice and digital channels eliminates customer frustration.

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Dynamic mobile use cases

CCAI's call center solution integrates with many other Google resources and leverages the customer's mobile device to unlock unique use cases for live interactions.

With one click, agents can perform the following live action:

  • Get fingerprint verification
  • Request photos and screenshots
  • request videos
  • Request signatures or initials for the customer to sign on the mobile screen

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This feature not only improvescustomer experienceby the ability to handle complicated requests remotely, while still supporting a wide range of industries: medical and healthcare, education, finance, real estate, e-commerce and more.

flexibility and integrations

Google CCAI gives you flexibility by integrating with a variety of third-party applications and allowing you to choose which Google Cloud products you want to use.

Google Cloud Contact Center AI: Pricing and Features Review (9)

CCAI integrates with popular CCaaS platforms and CRM systems:

  • 8×8
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Mitel
  • NET in Contact
  • Twilio
  • cinco9
  • Genesys
  • Vonage
  • Foreclosure
  • HubSpot and more

Since CCAI is a suite of four Google products: CCaaS Omnichannel Platform, DialogFlow Virtual Agent, Agent Assist and CCAI Insights, the pay-as-you-go format allows you to choose the products you want. If your company already has an omnichannel CCaaS platform such asTwilio flexible, but want to add Google Cloud Agent Assist, you can add this product yourself and avoid paying for others.

Who is Google Contact Center AI best for?

Google Contact Center AI is best suited for companies that already use a CRM or CCaaS platform and want to support it with AI solutions or communication channels.

CCAI's machine learning tools, including virtual agents, live agent support, and advanced insights, boost the productivity you'd already get from a basic CCaaS platform like Vonage or Mitel, but with an interactive feel that's inherited from most existing CCaaS -providers is unrivalled.

Google's omnichannel offering also works well if your business uses a CRM like Salesforce but wants to add voice, SMS, or chat capabilities. CCAI is specifically designed to work seamlessly with your CRM customer information and help you get the most out of your CRM data.


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