Global Digital Health Market Report 2023: Featuring Ampersand Health, Livongo Health, CogniFit, JOGO Health and more (2023)

DUBLIN,31 January 2023/PRNewswire/ --O“Digital Health Market: Focus on Digital Therapeutics, Breakdown by Solution Type, Therapy Type, Solution Purpose, Business Model Type, Therapeutic Target Area, and Key Geographic Regions: Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2023–2035”Report has been addedResearchAndMarkets.comOffer.

The report provides a comprehensive study of the current landscape and future opportunities, and offers an informed opinion on the likely adoption of digital therapeutic solutions in the healthcare industry over the next 12 years. The report provides an in-depth analysis highlighting the capabilities of various players in this space. The reports answer the following key questions in this area

Given the ongoing digitization and transformation efforts of the healthcare industry, digital therapy has attracted significant attention from industry stakeholders and investors.

In addition, government organizations have actively taken initiatives such as B. Passing laws, enacting laws and enacting regulations in the field of digital therapy.

For example, the USFDA has sanctioned the Innovative Device Designation Program to grant approvals for digital therapies. It is worth noting that upSeptember 2022The USFDA has approved nearly 730 digital health products (including digital therapies, wellness apps, and digital biomarkers).

A similar trend has been observed in other countries such as the UK,Deutschland,DenmarkmiSouth Korea, where regulators have published regulations on digital therapies and digital health solutions. Given the current activity in this space and increasing demand for this type of solution, the digital therapy market is expected to grow at a healthy rate over the next decade.

Key benefits and growing demand for digital therapies

Due to its numerous advantages including easy access, reduced development times, versatile delivery platforms, reduced treatment costs, personalized treatment options, increased medication adherence, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and remote access to healthcare for patients and vice versa, digital therapy has emerged. as a promising alternative to conventional medicines. Given the benefits these solutions offer and the increasing global demand for remote and digital solutions post-pandemic, the overall demand for digital therapies is expected to grow steadily over the long-term.

Current Scenario of Digital Therapeutic Market

Digital Therapy Market Scene provides an extensive list of 150+ large, medium, small and very small players. Notably, more than 400 digital therapeutic solutions are currently available in the market and are being developed by different industry players for different target indications. It is also important to note that the majority (more than 100) of digital therapeutic solutions approved or under development target mental health issues. This is followed by solutions targeting neurological and metabolic diseases.

Key Drivers of Digital Therapy Market

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the subsequent implementation of mandatory social distancing measures, has resulted in a high demand for remote patient engagement. Additionally, evolving regulatory and clinical environments around the world have created a tremendous opportunity for industry stakeholders. Additionally, regulatory and government agencies have provided significant support for digital therapies in recent years.

In addition, the growing interest of investors in this market can be confirmed by the significant increase in financing activity in the recent past. In addition, several major pharmaceutical companies have taken several important initiatives, including strengthening their product portfolio, entering into strategic agreements and significant financial investments. With the active participation of established industry players, new entrants, as well as major pharmaceutical companies and government organizations, the digital therapy development pipeline is likely to continue to grow in the coming years.

Total size of the digital therapy market

Driven by the growing interest in remote and digital healthcare solutions, future opportunities and associated growth in the digital therapy market is expected to see significant growth for the foreseeable future. In terms of product type in particular, this market is expected to be driven by standalone software applications based on digital therapies targeting metabolic disorders. In addition, around 90% of the market is currently being conquered by players based in GermanyNorth AmericamiEuropa. However, in the long term, the digital therapy market will falterAsiait is forecast to grow relatively faster.

Leading players in the digital therapeutics market

Examples of key players in this space (also detailed in this report) include (in alphabetical order) Ampersand Health, Akili Interactives, Better Therapeutics, Brain+, Click Therapeutics, CogniFit, GAIA, Healios, JOGO Health, Jolly Good, KORE Digital Health Therapeutics , Livongo Health, Lucid, MedRhythms, Pear Therapeutics, Redicare Control, Susmed, The Learning CorpVoluntis and WellDoc.

frequently asked questions

Question 1:What are digital therapies?

Answers: Digital therapy, also known as DTx, represents a type of digital health solution that delivers medical interventions directly to patients using clinically validated evidence-based software or a combination of software to manage a disease or disorder and prevent. .

Question 2:What are the most popular therapeutic areas targeted by digital therapy?

Answers: Most (about 30%) of commercialized/under development digital therapy solutions target mental disorders. This is due to the significant increase in the incidence of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress during and after the pandemic worldwide. It's also worth noting that neurological and metabolic disorders are other popular therapeutic areas that digital therapy solutions target.

Question 3:What does the future of digital therapeutics in the pharmaceutical industry look like?

Answers: The global digital therapy market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20% over the next 13 years and is worth about20 billion dollarsbis 2035.

Question 4:– Which region is the leader in the Digital Therapeutics market?

Answer: CurrentlyNorth AmericamiEuropatogether own 80% of the market share. In the long term, the digital therapy market willAsiait will likely grow at a relatively faster rate.

Question 5:What are the main factors influencing the price of digital therapy solutions?

Answers: Digital therapeutic solution pricing is based on factors such as complexity, target patient population, development and deployment costs, competition, perceived value, and regulatory framework. Complex solutions using technologies such as artificial intelligence or machine learning can be more expensive.

Question 6:What is the trend of investments in digital therapy market?

Answers: Due to the lucrative market opportunities associated with digital therapy, various investors have invested together$8.41 billion.

Question 7:What types of partnerships are commonly formed in the digital therapy industry?

Answers: Commercialization agreements, pilot product offerings, and product/technology integration agreements are the most common types of partnership models adopted by stakeholders working in the digital therapy space.

Question 8:What marketing strategies are commonly used for digital therapy?

Answers: Most players in the digital therapy space have developed inbound marketing strategies to increase the visibility of their company and product. It should be noted that the majority of gamers use Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn as their favorite social media platforms for inbound marketing.

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Global Digital Health Market Report 2023: Featuring Ampersand Health, Livongo Health, CogniFit, JOGO Health and more (1)

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