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It is p

The adventurer


EntpCurious, communicative with the need to challenge, tickets love intellectual debate, they are spontaneous and safe. They have a unique vision of the world and provide a new perspective. This can make you intellectually promiscuitive, enjoy a new experience after another time and leavethat fails. Say your great ideas when you look for larger and more recent experiences.

It is pEstps loves the action and will enter into activities that interest you, but they can only jump quickly if you lose your interest. Estp does not enjoy restrictions at the schedules..

At work

We all bring something different from the team and we agree that the difference and balance are good things. If someone differs from us, it is possible that you do not understand them so well, how can you manifest and the best way to handle it?

Contribution to the team

EntpThe DEPS have observed a radical perspective, the newer, better and more interesting species. Not for you the previous routine, but a healthy challenge for the status quo and irritation at a very slow pace.

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Contribution to the team

It is pESTP will bring an urgency to move things, and now to have an immediate and positive impact on the team, and a large catalyst for action and cut all wool or ethereal.


EntpDeps can find ways to avoid obstacles and problems. From the head and assertive, life can be awakened in a team, break the slowness, but it is possible that it does not continue if you are happy to continue with the new one.


It is pEstps are episodic guides who try to do things, continue and do more. People oriented to action that do not slow down and fall and are practical.

To be administered

EntpEPS needs space and flexibility because he likes to do things on his way, work in incredible energy explosions and move things very quickly, but then look for the next big problem.

To be administered

It is pESTP has amazing motivation and energy, but everyone focuses on practical applications and the classification of things now. They have a boredom and, therefore, need difficult and practical tasks to perform them.

Love for details / focus

EntpHe does not like to be controlled or micrognition and does not like the rules or regulations that prefer it when you progress, work at the rhythm and concentrate on what interests and inspires you.

Love for details / focus

It is pEstps concentrates the forums in the problem in question and is bored after the end and requires another emotion. It works short energy explosions and, as soon as it becomes constant, must continue.

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EntpESPs are real radicals that create better and better opportunities to do things, break conventions and even make unpopular decisions. However, they are less useful when you reach details.


It is pThis is essentially a practical type that prefers to use facts, data, knowledge and experience to remedy things, and will not really appreciate that it reflects or the thought of the blue sky occurs and prefer to enter and move it.


Some people seek harmony, others see conflicts that simply solid discussions, some people are emotional, more objective. The conflict and what this means for cooperation.

First reaction to conflict situations

EntpThe conflict is satisfied because they allow them to improve their debate skills and get involved in verbal combat.

First reaction to conflict situations

It is pEstps loves a good conflict. It is not hurt or a regulatory cars, but because it creates the appropriate honesty and tension to solve the faster problem. If they invade it, they are rarely insult.

Questions you will fight

EntpWinning the debate is very important for both and, therefore, you will want to be right. A exam that is wrong is how to throw a glove where you will be satisfied.

Questions you will fight

It is pEstp does not like a slow or constant rhythm and would like to make sure that everyone does things instead of thinking. It has a low boredom, it means that it does not want to be restricted or informed what to do.

Conflict / communication style

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EntpWith all its verbal skills and abilities, it is an analyst, and it will be its way of using logic, rational argument and empirical data to use the debate and win the day.

Conflict / communication style

It is pThe ESTP will directly and economically say in words how it is and expects others to do the same. The solid debate helps you do it faster, but you can find these slightly brutal reflectors.

How do you feel later?

EntpThe under boredom of LIS means that the conflict ends and continues. They do not support any resentment or never look back because there are many other interesting options.

How do you feel later?

It is pAs soon as it ended for ESTP, they finished and changed to the next great news. It does not have resentments or does not reflect and follow where the next action is.


We all have different motivators, values and points of view in relation to the world, partly driven by our personalities. The next section describes how each person is likely to contact others and how others can see.

Be near

EntpThe expression is established in the environment and constantly seeks forms and opportunities that fulfill their strong desire for something new.

Be near

It is pEstps are funny, adventurous and sociable boys, which will be the life and soul of the party, until their boredom between in play and will seek the next great adventure or tinnitus.

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EntpOften confused with ENFP, it shares the ability to delight, convince and convince others. However, EPP and pragmatic decision manufacturers use empirical data, evidence and logic to decide.


It is pESTP will come as practical and action -oriented problems and solve problems, so they are built and are impervious to their environment, which means that emotions are not really available.

Open and share feelings

EntpFEP has incredible skills for people and enthusiasm and will entertain people who want to be part of their sets. However, they are not really emotional and, therefore, continue if they are bored.

Open and share feelings

It is pIn fact and directly, this will exchange your thoughts, but you will not really recognize the need for emotions, since it would not really help do the job or the problem. You need this constant nutrition.

Driver and values

EntpThe DEPS have a slight boredom and need the diverse, exciting, new, new, new "repair" to preserve their interest and move from an exciting situation to another that increases their incredible energy.

Driver and values

It is pESTP attracts great energy if it quickly changes from the problem to the problem, creates practical solutions and continues. They are large companies, friendly and conversations, but they really have no emotion.

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