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Is p

The adventurer


The creator

ESTP against fig

Is pESTPS loves the action and goes to activities that interest you, but can quickly jump if you lose interest. The ESTP does not enjoy the restrictions on the schedules. Pragmatic and more permanent affect the facts instead of emotions and use your enormous fact andYour knowledge business to solve the immediate problem and then move quickly and determined to others.

EntpCurious, communicative with the need to challenge, the intellectual debate of the amp love is spontaneous and self -confident. They have a unique view of the world and offer a new perspective.Do not follow their great ideas while looking for larger and more innovative experiences.

ESTP against fig
At work

We all bring something different than the team and we agree that difference and balance are good things. However, if someone differs, we may not understand them so well. In this section we allow you to make the differences in theCompare work on how to manifest yourself and how best to deal with them.

Contribution to the team

Is pThe ESTP will have an urgency for things to move and at this moment have an immediate and positive impact on the team and will be a large action catalyst that crosses everything from wool or ethereal.

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Contribution to the team

EntpETPS have a radical perspective and look for new, better and more interesting methods. Not for you in the past routine, but a healthy challenge for the status quo and irritation at a very slow pace.


Is pESTPS are episodic managers who try to do things, continue and do more things.


EntpGeps can find ways to avoid obstacles and problems. Delay and assertive you can live a life in a team, break in sluggishness, but you cannot follow because you are happy to pass the new one.

Be administered

Is pThe ESTP has astonishing impulse and energy, but everything is currently focusing on the practical application and classification of things. They have a low born threshold and therefore need short tasks and difficult practices to do it.

Be administered

EntpEps needs space and flexibility because you like to do things in your own way, work in amazing energy explosions and move things very quickly, but then look for the next big news to be interested.

Details / focus

Is pESTPS focuses on the problem in question.As soon as you are finished, you will be bored and need a different emotion. You work in short energy explosions and have to continue as soon as it becomes stable.

Details / focus

EntpETP does not like to be controlled or microgest and may not work on the interest and arouse the rules or regulations that you prefer when you progress.

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Is pESTP is essentially a practical type that prefers to use facts, data, knowledge and experience to remedy things, and does not really appreciate the reflection of the sky or the blue thinking, and prefer to jump directly and to jumpdo.


EntpEsps are real radicals that play more and more opportunities to do things, break conventions and even make unpopular decisions. However, they are less useful when it achieves details.

ESTP against fig

Some people are looking for harmony, others see conflicts than simple discussions, some people are emotionally, other objective. So there is no real or wrong in this point of view and what we try to do is to help to understand two different people, like the otherCould deal with the conflict and what means how they work together.

First reaction to conflict situations

Is pEstps loves a good conflict. It doesn't hurt or appreciate it itself, but because it creates appropriate honesty and tension to solve the problem faster and rarely be outrageous.

First reaction to conflict situations

EntpThe ETP is satisfied with the conflict because they enable them to improve their debate skills and take part in the verbal struggle. They will not turn to emotional level in order to see everything as an interesting game.

Problems you will fight

Is pThe ESTP does not like a slow or stable pace and would like to make sure that they do things instead of thinking. Under boredom, this means that they are not restricted or want to tell them what to do.

Problems you will fight

EntpWinning the debate is very important for EMS, so they want to be demonstrated. Decorating a decorating that they are wrong is like throwing a glove, they will be happy to collect.

Style / conflict communication

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Is pDirectly and economically in words, the ESTP will say how it is and expects others to do the same. The solid debate helps you to do this faster, but the most reflective can find it a little brutally.

Style / conflict communication

EntpDespite all the verbal skills and skills, ETP is an analyst and its way in using logic, rational arguments and empirical data to use the debate and win the day.

How you feel later

Is pWhen it ends, it ends for the STP and changes to the next big news.

How you feel later

EntpThe low boredom threshold means that when the conflict occurs and the continuation of the conflict.

ESTP against fig

We all have different motivators, values and views from the world, some of which are motivated by our personalities. The next section describes how every person probably deals with others and how others can see.

stay with

Is pESTP are lovers of funny, adventurous and sociable who will be the life and soul of the party until their boredom are activated and will search for the next big adventure or sums.

stay with

EntpChildren, plausible, exciting and entertaining ENP, is very in harmony with his environment and is constantly looking for ways and opportunities that fulfill their strong desire for something new.

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Fighting with emotions

Is pThe ESTP will jump and solve as practical and action -oriented.This is what you are building and impermeable to your surroundings, which means that emotions really don't seem.

Fighting with emotions

EntpETP is often confused with ENFP and shares the ability to enchant, involve and convince others. ETP and will be the pragmatic decision -makers who use empirical data, evidence and logic to decide.

Open and shared feelings

Is pESTP will indeed share your thoughts without any problems, but you will really not see the need for emotions because you really wouldn't help to have solved the job or the problem. They need this constant nutrition.

Open and shared feelings

EntpETP has amazing skills for people and will be imposed and intertwined with people who want to be part of their sets, but they are not really emotional and will therefore easily stop when they are bored.

Driver and values

Is pThe ESTP attracts great energy to quickly switch from one problem to another, create practical solutions and to continue.

Driver and values

EntpETPS have a low boredom threshold and need different, exciting, new "solution" to maintain your interest, from one exciting situation to the other that promotes your incredible energy.

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