Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (2023)

When the combat teacher enters the alley, three men appear in the shadows. The shorter says: "If you don't want problems, be a good girl and act on your wallet. And leave the sword in your hip."The blade of your vagina and raises your shield.You can bet that you will not end well for these luffists who have chosen the wrong victim.

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Em, Battle Masters is the highlight of war hits. They check the battlefield through the commercial use of complex combat tactics and protect themselves and their allies at the same time to the enemy. The main features provided by these services are known as maneuvers ofBattle.Who can choose, but you will only have access to nine, and some are better than others, depending on the construction of your character.

Updated February 9, 2021 by Kristy Ambrose:The struggle champion is a tactical and an intellectual as a warrior. They are as interested in history and calligraphy as in war. And distinguish their unique war skills, include skills as war students and know their enemy.This is a DPS or defense paper, a natural expansion of the combat class.

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15 Reunion

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (1)

As a bonus campaign, it can temporarily give an ally in the rally that corresponds to the role of its superiority cube and its charisma modifier.

It is possible to use this maneuver outside the fight, take a short break to recover your maneuvers and then get into the fight with the life of your entire party, but if he is pointed out, a player will not be a revived player, who has been weak.

14 Mazo Tactics

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (2)

Chief and switch maneuvers can be situational, but it is a practical ability to defend it if you needTo change the position quickly, each creature changes, Friend or enemy, in a meter and a half. The trick is that the creature must be ready to change places with them.Therefore, it makes more sense to use this with a friendly goal.

If your superiority dies, the resulting number can be used as an alternative current bonus for you or your goal. This fits other maneuvers, such as the attack or threatening attack, which also emphasizes the construction of the defensive championship teacher.

13 Attack

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (3)
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Pushing attacks is excellent because some say where your opponent allows them to put them. Apparent. There is a disadvantage that your goal does not need to survive a strength of strength before you can push it to fifteen feet.

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However, there are many battlefields where there is a precarious rocky leader, a puddle of acid or other harmful place. They are received dangers that his dungeon teacher created for her and returns her against her henchmen.

12 Lagoon attack

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (4)

This maneuver allows you to protect your allies by offering the purpose of your enemy's wrath.Therefore, it is usually better that they are attacked. The goal has to make a rescue redemption.

This maneuver works similarly to the predominant mockery campaign in many other games and almost forces the opponent to attack them instead of your allies. Choose for you.

11 Threatening attack

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (5)

Although it works differently, it can be said that the threatening attack is a strictly better attack. They add superiority to the attacks of damage to attack, and the goal should give a wisdom launch. If they fail, they suffer the end of their nextcurve of the scared condition. A scared creature has a disadvantage in all the attacks and skill controls and cannot deliberately address the source of your fear as long as this source remains in your eyes.

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In addition, there are many creatures in which they faceThis has immunity against the scared condition. With other words, the threatening attack will not work against them. Goaden's attack is more reliable, although the threatening attack is technically better.

10 To stop

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (6)
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Parry can be used to reduce your opponent's blow points during the fight. It is a defensive capacity forAnd therefore receive less attentionDue to lack of drama, but to reduce damage of any kind, it is a great advantage.

If you receive a blow that causes damage, you can use your reaction to stop, which means your superiority dies and adds your skill bonus.

9 Distract attack

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (7)

Due to the distraction attack, you can add your superiority to the role of damage to your attack again.

Distract attackIt will be even more attractiveIf you consider that your allies' advantage makes it easier for your allies to use dishonest fluency attack, for example, there is a greater opportunity to reach a critical blow that doubles your total damage.

8 Faster Start

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (8)

With the rapid release of Manöver, you can use a warehousing gun thrown.


This is a practical skill, even if you need to use a bonus campaign to use it. However, drawing the weapon is part of the attack and does not require separate action.

7 Travel attack

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (9)
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Speaking of advantage, the travel attack can give them more than one ally, as they attack the allies of the melee area. They will add the damage to the attack on superiority.The goal should make a strength redemption launch. If you fail, you will be susceptible.

The state trend reaches all melee attacks.Have an advantage against the enemyAt the expense of remote attacks that suffer a disadvantage. The enemy also uses half of its movement to get up again.

6 Enemy attack

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (10)

Why give another advantage if you can use it better?

Superiority is added to the damage. This maneuver is particularly excellent if it is connected to services that increase your damage at accuracy, such as:

5 Ataque Grepper

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (11)

The curved attack is the D&D version of the clove, with which your attack can reach more than one opponent in the same round.

If you can find the first creature, you can also meet the second, which dies with your superiority.

4 Precision attack

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (12)

An attack may offer an advantage, but the accuracy attack makes your temple of superiority increase the attack of the attack, but what makes it really excellent, its ability to use it is to use it after the attack was established.

Although superiority can waste the permanent attack, giving an advantage in an attacking role that was intended to overcome, it allows you to take precision attacks to suffer a attack that already knows that it is worth mentioning that it is worth mentioning this.maneuverDo not add your superiorityLike most others, he dies for damage to attack, but it is a cost that is worth securing his attack country.

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3 Lung

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (13)


A summary of this ability is that it is used to increase its range with its weapon in four feet.Makes a great advantageFor your character. A lid of superiority is used to expand your reach to a single round. This article is added to damage if you have reached your goal. A restriction of pulmonary attack is that you need to use a melee to explore is, butIf you are a combat aircraft class, your character is probably in this article anyway.

2 Maneuver

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (14)

The maneuver is interesting because, while it is one of the best maneuvers, it is rarely selected. If you find a gun attack, you can attack the maneuvers to die your superiority and add damage to Thetacks.If up to fifteen feet without causing opportunities for the purpose of your attack.

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This maneuver is a saving grace for each friend whose life has been threatened. It is the only maneuver that is available to battle teachers who can avoid the death of a character. The main function of the combat aircraft course.

1 Impulse

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 best combat maneuvers, classified (15)

In fact, most of us play DTO that we have fun while we kill monsters and do not protect members of our weakening game.Over any other maneuver.If a creature hit you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction with ripid and spend superiority to handle a melee attack against this creature.

If you reach, the damage to the attack will be added to the damage of the attack. In easier terms, Riposta gives your character an additional additional attack. The revenge will be yours with ripart and will be fast.

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