Character construction: Great combat champion of weapons - Mazorras solutions (2023)

O Big Gun Play Master Fighter

Objectives of this construction

Bruiser sinbezwingbarer

First, we will be aSemi-Ideot Front LineCharacter. We will attach a heavy armor and, if possible, immerse melee combat. However, we will be sure that we do not completenecessary if we need to use long -range attacks.

However, the main use of this construction is high damage capabilities when huge weapons in two ways are used. It is a risk structure that spra the best of special -5 to attack +10 to attack the part of the weapons attack (-5/ +10) damageGreat armorachievement.

You can blow, but you can retaliate with an even bigger Valaop. This is the name of the game.


One of my favorite archetypes is the fighter Battle Master. The secondary objective of this construction is to combine two of my favorite parts of the Battle of D&D 5E.Battle Master and High Mechanics -Romer with great reward ofGreat armor.

Battle Master Fighter has many different maneuvers to give life to the fundamental melee attacks that fighters fight. This maneuver can include several offensive, defensive and supply skills. It is always great.

In addition to the maneuvers, the battle master archetype also offers our most useful fighter.

Books required for this construction

Players Manual

Optional books for careers:

Mordenkainens involves enemies: githyanki

Volo instructions for monsters: Bugbear, Goliath and Orco

Guidi Para Guild Master Prepare Ravnica: minotaur

Level 1


Observation:I selected this background mainly with the taste. This gives our knowledge of the character, both in athletics and in intimidation.

Run:Variante humana, Half-Orc, Orc, Goliat, Bugbear, Dragonborn o Githyanki
Observation:I will use half of NORC for this compilation. One of the races of+2 Str is sufficient. The errors were a next second, but their things benefit from being secretly due to what this building is not due to the use of a heavy armor. The man is a good option if you want to getGreat armorBit early.

Capacity values:This happened to Point Buy.kasseThis postFor more information about the point!

STR:16 (+3)-+2 by half orc
Dex:14 (+2)
Swindler:16 (+3)-+1 da metade orc
And t:8 (-1)
Wis:12 (+1)
Cha:8 (-1)

Observation:As you can imagine, bread and construction butter will be potent.

Resources:Perception and acrobatics (race), intimidation and athletics (background)

Weapons decisions

According to the rules, as written (RAW), a level 1 fighter can start choosing a gun and a shield or two weapons of war. In change, take both weapons of war.

Great armorIt is the feat that carefully sculpted the niche of this construction.DifficultProperty. We have some options to choose from. Encourage a look at the table below to get our options.

armaDanoAdditional propertiesFlat teacher
espada1d10 cuttingRange, two complicatedmi
nausea1d12 CutbilateralNO
Larger2d6 CutbilateralNO
Holllebarde1d10 cuttingRange, two complicatedmi
Small2D6 firebilateralNO
PiquePiercing 1D10Range, two complicatedJust an opportunity attack

You want to select your weapons according to the type of fighter you would like to be.Flat teacherThen you want to take gla or hallbarte as the main weapon.

If you don't want to seeFlat teacherIt will probably decide between the main sword, the great tax and the mouth. I will be more to combine a big sword, even if I am half orium.

Another option is to get a Reich gun and a gun without scope.Flat teacherOh no.

For this construction, I will focus on a character that does not acceptFlat teacherThis construction works perfectly with or without it.

Post Nivel 1


This building is submerged directly on the combat flight and remains loyal throughout the campaign. Make a faithful to the fighter takes an additional ASIS that greatly facilitates the collection of several different files and at the same time in our strength.

The combatants also receive many additional attacks if they get humorous. During a paladin or a barbarian, this construction gives us some difficult successes in individual attacks, but many additional attacks and actions that we can lead to combat.

We will also receive several purposesUnconsciousIf you have a mono hunting building to compensate for more wisdom and lower skill values if you are asked to wear for shots.

(Video) Combat Reforged | Weapons Rework for D&D 5e

Skills Evaluation Increases (ASIS)

We have 7 ASIS on the way to level 20. This gives us a lot of space to improve our skill numbers or collect some services to distinguish our game style.

As the name implies, you must be dominatedGreat armorAs quickly as possible. In the ideal case of his first, if he does not play as a variant man who is accessible from level 1. to from there, he has numerous options to choose from making this compilation unique!

Ability to evaluate priorities

Strength >>> Constitution> ability> = intelligence and charisma

Depending on your race, you would like to use the first 2-3 to achieve your strength in 20. This improves your damage and ability to reach your melee attacks. This is particularly important because it generates -5 that you will use when using itGreat armorin combat.

The Constitution is our main score for survival capacity. First of character, severe armor is mainly used so that it does not benefit directly from the ability. It is not buried at age 20, but it is not a waste if you dothat!

The Kingdom will continue to be an extremely useful skills evaluation, even if we use strength and the Constitution most of the time. They are forced to use long -range weapons, so

Wisdom only prefers our garbage copy statistics (intelligence and charisma) due to the perception and frequency of wisdom rescue releases.

We can afford to rule out intelligence and charisma values, since they are rarely used to save offers and are mainly used for the exploration and interpretation games of roles. Give some points in you or use one like this if you want to be better rounded.


Grand Master of Weapons* -As expected, this performance is necessary for this compilation. You can take -5 to achieve, but the additional +10 damage with a heavy weapon that you knowClipping.Great armorIt also offers the opportunity to register a bonus action with your weapon when you drop a creature at 0 HP or roll a critic.

This construction revolves around the handling of tons of damage as a half -hearted character in front. We will often use both aspects of this service, but as I mentioned, it can be risky to use the -5/+10 part of the function, make sureget at least 16 (+3) strength to give a little more space to work. I would accept this action as your offer if you decide to interpret a variant man.

Feliz-This performance works with all compilations because it is simply very good. It also has excellent synergies withGreat armorSince it allows them to redirect the D20 papers, such as weapons attacks.

Flat teacher-Glaives and other tunnel weapons are heavy weapons and, therefore, work togetherGreat armorFeat.dies is a fun ability to use, since it offers a reliable bonus action attack with the opposite end of its Glave or Dumbly, which makes 1D4 of damage.

Guardian -This is an extraordinary actionFlat teacherDue to the highest frequency of opportunities, you can still do well with this building. This performance offers some options for the control of additional crowds and openings to take advantage of opportunities.


Class functions

Fight style - level 1

We immediately have the decision to make as soon as we take a level in the combatants. What kind of fighter will we be?

If this compilation continues, this decision has already made. Somos a first -line fighter who prefers to weaken the heavy two -handed weapons. There is only an option that benefits us in this role.Great weapons fight.

This allows you to change the damage cubes that 1 or 2 rode in an attack. Of course, you must achieve the result, even if it is another 1 or 2, but it is still an excellent way to obtain its increase in average damage, this is partof the reason why I prefer to use a large sword or a mouth.

Second Wind - Level 1

Second airIt is the first function we receive, that we can actively use. This is a great instrument of survival, since it allows you, so this function can be used without affecting one of our damage expenses.

As soon as we arrivedGreat armorThis will be a different story. We have a very regular way of making a weapons attack with our bonus campaign.Second airIt is still useful outside the fight if we don't have time to make a short break!

Action Level - Level 2 and 17

At level 2, we have one of the best class functions in the game,Storm.If you use it, you will receive additional actions on your train. We remember this function after a short or long interval. The fighter is a short rest class to regularly recover our performance and properties in all breaks.

Then we will improve this function at level 17. This gives us the opportunity to useStormTwice between a short or long break.StormOnce by round.

This is stackedAdditional attackAt subsequent levels, we can make a total of 8 attacks at level 20 in a round.

Additional attack - Level 5, 11 and 20

Additional attackIt is a passive ability and most fighting layers have a much better version of the function.Additional attackImproves even more with the most struggle that your character carries.

From the beginning, you will receive the basic version ofAdditional attackIf you use the attack campaign, you can make two attacks instead of an attack.

Stages 11 and 20 improve the function. In level 11, we can make 3 attacks with a single action. Our final stone must be able to perform 4 attacks in a single action. It is not fascinating, but powerful, spicy and fun.

Remember that you will probably receive some legal magical weapons when you reach level 20. Your attacks will have a real weight for you and can still divide your enemies quickly.

(Video) Joe Manganiello's tips for being a better D&D Player | D&D Beyond

Indomable - Level 9, 13 and 17

At level 9, we have our last unique function of the class of combat aircraft. Here is also a different and urgent survival function of the Constitution, our rescue launch skills are not great, especially if we have to make aRescue niche game as a launch of intelligence rescue.

Fortunately withUnconsciousWe can observe a rescue launch that we fail. This is particularly good because you play this role after not having passed the rescue. There are no conjectures, but it is not a guaranteed card that has absurd. However, it is still a security networksolid

This function is only recovered after a long break, in contrast to the other functions of the combat aircraft, but this is not a disadvantage. The function is a safety network, not constantly used.

Both at level 13 and 17, you will receive additional use ofUnconsciousThis is very good with the game as a higher level that is more fatal to rescue.

Archetype de war - Combat Master

Superiority control - Level 3, 7, 10 and 15

This feature is the meat and potatoes of the fighting master. In the third level archetype, it first has access to three maneuvers of your choice. These are improved attacks or unique actions that you can use in combat.74 See PHB.maneuvers that will then be used in this article in this building.

You will learn 2 additional maneuvers for the seventh, 10 and 15. You can also replace a maneuver that you already know with another at that time. Impress in PHB. A reasonable amount if you ask me!

To use a maneuver, use one of yourSuperiority cube. Comenzar is herSuperiority cubeIf a D8.If is in maneuver, it is possible that it should be used before or after the property of its attack. Initially, it has 4 superiority that recovers after a short break. In the seventh stage, it increases a fifth seal and then you getA sixth stamp at level 15.

Below is the equation for yourMen's DC CourtThe interior of your maneuvers will call a rescue launch that can be done with the target.

Manöver Save Dc = 8 + Competennce Bonus + Modifier or Force Skill

War student - Level 3

Batalha Masters by profession are rounded students. They studied a strategy on the battlefield and expanded their minds to make rapid strategic decisions during the in progress.

If it is a short study, of course, it is supposed to accept additional knowledge. For example, a detailed hobby to maintain the acute mind.

War studentIt provides knowledge in a type of handicraft tool.

Meet your enemy - Level 7

Know your enemyIt is a very interesting feature.

  • Force evaluation
  • Skills assessment
  • Constitutional evaluation
  • Weapon class
  • Current life points
  • Total class levels (if available)
  • Hunting class levels (if available)

I would say that it will ask most of its DM to CA and HP of the creature. In particular, AC is important information, since this can help usCalculate our possibilities to make our useGreat armorWin -5/+10 in our attacks.

It is a fun and aromatic function and can give you and your classmates great information to better plan your tactics against your next enemy.

Improved superiority of the fight - Level 10 and 18

Improved superiorityIt is simply a passive candlestick for their maneuvers. A goal is to maintain their damages and benefits with documents that regularly receive more and more powerful spells in the game at this time.

At level 10 of yourSuperiority cubeThey become D10 and then D12 at level 18.

Fulfilled - Nivel 15

It is not difficult to take a short break to recover your backSuperiority cubeAmong all the other functions you haveImplacableHe gives you the opportunity to make sure you can use your iconic archetype function between short pauses.

You get 1From superiorityAfter an initiative for an appointment, if you do not haveSuperiority cuberemained.

Short, sweet and direct to the point. They do not need to worry so much during a struggle to use their maximum potential of their power. From this point, they have at least one in all meetings.



Defensive maneuvers improve their defense. This is in the form of AC or in reducing the damage that the objective can cause.


As the name implies, you can force a creature that hit an attack with weapons to make a rescue launch.

This can be a solid defensive maneuver from which all its part can benefit, because you can use the interaction of its object during the course to change the weapon or pick it up with your free hand.

Your opponent must pull one of their other weapons or get away to get their attacks. If you can do this, you can give yourself and other allies with one half of the creatures with an attack of opportunity when you run to make your squeeze of arms.

Alternative foot game

This is a solid defensive maneuver to improve its survival. This construction is about approaching your enemies. The risk associated with this style of play is, of course, that sometimes they leave position.

You can useAlternative foot gameTo give it an additional air conditioning while moving. In this way, you can make the attack campaign, but thanks to its increase in the air conditioning system, it will surely move away from the road.

(Video) Barbarian Fighter - Multiclass Guide for Dungeons and Dragons


After being beaten by another creature, you can use a reaction to damage the damage depending on yourSuperiority cubeMove your skill modifier.

deviateIt is an excellent excessively raw defensive maneuver and part of the reason why some points in a fight based on power must bring.

You may not need this maneuver frequently, but if you do, you will be happy to have it. It is particularly good at low levels, where creatures damage each target.


Offensive maneuvers improve their ability to achieve a goal or increase the damage it can cause.


You can use a bonus campaign to temporarily confuse the enemy. This offers an advantage in the next attack you make against the creature and also offers additional damage.

This is a solid maneuver for us because we will not always use our bonus campaign. It is a particularly large maneuver for our character before we getLarge weapons teacher.There is a little more respiratory space for our attacks -5/+10.


They increase their range in an attack and a half of an attack and cause damage to the bonus when they arrive. This is a very sitational maneuver, and I think it is mainly used in situations in which its movement only one meter before the attack is its goal.

Precision attack

With this maneuver, you can add superiority to your attack role after seeing the document, but before DM confirms it as a blow or absence. This is a solid maneuver, because it is not necessaryAdditional parts of our economic economyBut it still gives us +4.5 - 6.5 to gather depending on ourImproved superiority.

This is solid because it essentially produces -5 to overcome aGreat armorAttack.ti is a solid option to play later when you start fighting well notable enemies.


Put your enemies using your reaction to attack it when you surprise yourself with a melee attack attack. You will let additional damage if you also hit this attack!

It is a solid choice because it gives us a more reliable way to use our reaction if we want it.

Greper attack

After making a creature with an attack, you can try to damage another creature with the same attack whenever the original attack occurred.Superiority cube.

This makes it a bit poor, because there is no modifier to add a floor that consists of this maneuver.

This is just a fun and aromatic maneuver for our construction. I love the image of our strong fighter, which some enemies divided into two halves with a single blow of their weapon. We will often use this maneuver because we try to fight in the middle to position themselves.

Take it early if this is a significant average damage of 4.5!


Supply maneuvers help their offensive or defensive allies. A reasonable number of these maneuvers also changes the enemy of their position.

Commanders strike

You can be without an attack on your train and apply a bonus campaign to give an ally a weapon attack with your reaction.

For example, if you have a villain at the party and can provide additional use reliablySAtaque neak neakIt can be worth getting involved.

Most of the time, however, they are the person who causes the greatest damage to a single weapon attack, and they would have to do without a possible bonus action attack to allow. They would effectively lose 2 weapons attacks to giveto a member part 1.

Distract attack

After reaching a creature, you can distract yourself. You receive additional damage to your balance and then give the following attack with an allied advantage over the attack role in front of your train.

This is an excellent maneuver, because there is nothing of our action economy and we have additional damage to the start.

Burning attack

After reaching a creature, the creature must require additional damage to launch a launch. If you do not exist, all attacks against other goals beyond you.

This may be a decent decision if you have several members of the Piegas party or if your allies have health. We are not super tanks, but we have a lot of air conditioning and HP to mark some additional successes if necessary!


Another maneuvering situation, but I could see that it is great in a hurry. They receive some bonus damage and give an ally the opportunity to use their reaction to move its movement speed of 1/2 without an attack of opportunity of the creatureHe showed that he met.

This requires that a member of the party gets involved in the fight to get the best return for his money. It is a situational choice, but I could see that it is a decent trick to have the sleeve of the sleeve.

Threatening attack

If you reach a creature, it causes bonus damage and can force you to make a rescue lever of wisdom. If the rescue fails, you will be afraid until the end of your next curve.

(Video) TES IV Oblivion Retrospective and Analysis | A Waste of Potential

This forces the creature to make their disadvantage attack roles while they are in their eyes. This can force the creature to get out of the position or give their additional allies if they are in a good position.


The creature suffers from additional damage and needs to make a rescue launch or 15 feet retired from them.

I could see that it was used well in certain situations. For example, there may be an opening to retire safely after the execution of your weapons attacks, or you can push a creature to a deep well.

Since your group does not consist of attacks mainly to achieve, you would probably prefer to useTravel attackTo give us all the advantages of our melee attacks until the creature can rise.


You can use a bonus campaign to give a friendly creature a temporary HP.HP is determined by youSuperiority cube+ Your charisma modifier.

I like this maneuver, but it is terrible for this construction, because the charism is one of our eviction statistics.

Travel attack

This is the same business asPushThis causes additional damage and forced a rescue launch of the finish line. In this case, however, a failed defense is susceptible to the goal.

If you can combine this with your first attack on the round and some members of the member member focused with the melee diversion before the creature can rise, this can be an extraordinary maneuver.

This is an excellent maneuver with the right party.

My choices

We have a total of 9 maneuvers, but we learned 3 from the stick for the third level:

  1. Greper attack
  2. deviate
  3. Draw with attack or distraction attack, depending on the composition of your party

7. We can learn more 2:

  1. Thrust
  2. Precision attack

10. We can learn more 2:

  1. Disconnect the attack or attack
  2. Threatening attack
  3. To replace the attack potentially to replace the attack

15º level, we can learn more 2:

  1. Attack the attack
  2. Alternative foot game
  3. Anyway, change an integral attack to boost an attack or attack

To be honest, their maneuver decisions depend more on their preferences and composition of the party. It would say the precision attack, the travel attack and the ripid will be some of our favorites with this construction.

An lush attack is used a bit early, but I would abandon you if you try for bigger health swimming pools.

Those of whom I would personally keep me away would cause the strike, the autumn attack and the rally.

Strengthen this construction

This is a characters that follow if you want to be a heavy revenue due to melee damage that some blows can suffer without worrying.Great armorAnd our maneuvers give us many things that have to do with the fact that our action economy is fun and full of tactical decisions.

Depending on the maneuvers, they learn that they have different degrees of combat products or defense maneuvers to help their allies. They can always do something interesting with this construction in the fight.They are not just these great attacks of -5/+10.

In addition, our attacks -5/+10 will be important to Earth.Great armorBecause an attack will be crucial to make this construction successful.

We are the kings of a single damage. If you put the biggest bastard, you can find it on the battlefield and crush it with our enormous damage to the explosionGreat armor.If we rolle deeply, pray to the gods thatGreat weapons fightBring the damage!

Weaknesses of this construction

If you want a character that is the face of the party and the king of social interactions, this building will not reduce it. During you there are still many interesting games to interpret roles with this type of character, you will never be a Silver Hunter Social Be.

Skindling's criticisms are also a weak point of this construction. We focus almost exclusively on our strength, constitution and ability. We have a little wisdom, but it is not about what we can write. Carrismo requires, the best thing you can do istreat one of our allies.

Nor do we have great answers to AAES. This is another problem with war figures in general than a fighter.


This is a fun construction for someone who wants to run forward and systematically sculpted by the greatest evil of the enemy. They are fishing great blows and great damage and at the same time.

As we do not completely diminish the ability, we are still useful, even if we are forced to attack in an area. Take an backup plan. In these scenarios, we must be sure that we continue to move in the enemy while we film our long arc or beast.

The combat teacher maneuvers provide a great taste, benefits and adjustments to a very outdated body fighting. They have many maneuvers to choose from and have many possibilities of using them whenever their party uses their rest opportunities.

(Video) Combat Reforged | Ranged Weapons Rework for D&D 5e

Everything in everything is a fun construction if you focus on creating a body character in the tank that releases persistent and persistent damage excellent and at the same time you like.

When you liked what you readReview in ProgresoFor all official D&D 5E books and mineAndere 5e -Harakter -Builds!

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