Best weapons in the system (2023)

Yes it isyet another"Weapon Upgrade" add-on for D&D 5e created by someone on the internet.

The people who create these supplements are lovers of complexity and medieval warfare. If they weren't, they wouldn't be making supplements like this one.

Unfortunately, this means that such additions are often fiddly and overly complicated, with too many modifiers possible all at once, which goes against the established 5e design.

design goals

With that in mind, I had several goals in creating this system:

  • First, simplicity. Weapons should look different; Most weapons should behave interestingly, but that shouldn't make them too difficult to use.

  • Second, new weapons that aren't represented by the base 5e pick need to be added, especially considering the new traits that were added to make weapons look different.

  • Third, buffs should be as subtle as possible, just enough to make the weapon feel different without making it unbalanced.

  • Fourth, the special weapons in base 5e need to be buffed to make them more useful as they are almost never used in their current form.

  • Finally, exotic weapon materials should be more diverse and rewarding without getting too close to magical weapons.

change log

Version 1 completed.

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  • First draft distributed for comments and customization.

This addition was designed to be inserted quickly and easily into an existing D&D 5e campaign to allow different weapons to behave differently. The intention is that player choices matter more and battle characters have more options when it's their turn in battle.

Can be used alone or together with itbest shields.

User Manual Supplement

To start using Better Weapons, do the following in your game:

  • Replace the 5e longsword with the bastard sword from this supplement
  • Replace the 5e Scimitar with the Back Sword from this add-on
  • Replace the 5e greatsword with the longsword from this supplement
  • Replace the 5e hand ax with the ax from this supplement

When using the optional "Disarm" action from the Dungeon Master's Guide (p. 251), consider giving weapons with the Disarm trait an advantage on disarm attempts.

Finally, all weapons have been modified with the special trait. The new rules can be found in the Special Weapons section.

weapon characteristics

Agile.This weapon is agile. When an enemy unleashes an attack of opportunity, you gain a bonus to attack rolls with this weapon equal to half your ability bonus.

anti armour.This weapon is suitable for attacking armored enemies. When you attack a creature that has natural armor or wears medium or heavy armor other than leather, you gain a +1 bonus to your attack roll.

Hide it.If that weapon is concealed on you, as on a Dexterity (skill) check, all Wisdom (Perception) checks to locate the weapon are made at disadvantage.

Disarm.This weapon allows you to use a weapon attack to knock a weapon or object out of a target's reach. You make an attack roll, contested by your target's Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics). If you win, the target will drop the item. If they are holding the item with multiple hands, you are at a disadvantage. You have an advantage if your size is larger than your target, a disadvantage if smaller.

To hold on.If this weapon is concealed on you, as on a Dexterity (skill) check, it cannot be detected from afar. Any checks performed to physically search you for the weapon will be penalized.

effective.This weapon relies more on power than accuracy. When you make a damage roll for a ranged attack with this weapon, add your Strength modifier.

common lock.This weapon is particularly useful when fighting. When you use your action to grapple your opponent with this weapon, you can add that weapon's damage die to your grapple roll.

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praised.This weapon can fire projectiles in a constant arc, dealing additional damage equal to half your ability bonus through gravity when the target is in the second step of range.

impulse.This weapon can generate momentum to hit harder. If you miss with a melee attack with this weapon, add +1 to your next damage roll with this weapon that round. If you fail multiple times in a row, add +1 for each failure.

To stop.This weapon is good for defensive combat. When another creature hits you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to gain +1 AC for that attack, which can cause it to miss.

To push.When you push back an opponent with a push attack with this weapon, you can add your damage die to the roll. If you have the reach trait, you can use that reach as your reach for the push attack. Creatures that don't move with legs or wings are immune.

sweepingThis weapon uses sweeping moves. If you attack multiple times in a turn, you gain a bonus equal to half your proficiency bonus on attack rolls against creatures you didn't hit first.

stumblingWhen you use a push attack to trip an enemy with this weapon, you can add your damage die to the roll. If you have the reach trait, you can use that reach as your reach for the push attack. Creatures that don't use their legs to move are immune.

remote releaseWhen you make a successful ranged attack with this weapon, you can use the attack roll against the target's Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) roll and add your damage die to the roll. If it wins, the creature falls to the ground. Creatures that don't use their legs to move are immune.

install unhorse.If you hit a target with this weapon, it must make a DC10 Dexterity saving throw or fall off its mount.

Part 1 | Use and properties

Following are the new weapon tables. The Competition column is used for new or renamed weapons to indicate which weapon competition they are in according to the standard 5e rules. If multiple damage types are listed for a weapon, it is assumed that you deal the first type of damage, but you can always choose to deal the second type of damage. The Materials column shows the typical material used to make this weapon. All melee weapons must be made of steel, except the whip, which is made of leather.

Simple melee weapons
Association1 sp1d4 clubs2 pounds.concealed, slight,Holz
of2 months1d4 stab/hit1 libra.Finesse, Stamina, Easy, Throw (Range 20/60)Stahl
big club2 sp1d8 clubs10 pounds.push, two handsHolz
campana5 GM1d6 cut2 pounds.Concealed, Light, Throw (Range 20/60)hand axStahl
speed5 sp1d6 pierce2 pounds.Cast (range 30/120)Stahl
light hammer2 months1d4 clubs2 pounds.Light, bold (range 20/60)Stahl
club5 GM1d6 clubs4 pounds.anti armourStahl
Quartierstab2 sp1d6 clubs4 pounds.parry, push, trip, versatile (1d8)Holz
for1 GM1d4 cut2 pounds.take apart, easyEisen
speed1 GM1d6 pierce3 pounds.Agile Throw (range 20/60), Versatile (1d8)Stahl
Combined1 sp1d4 clubs2 pounds.Knuckle lock, easy, stop, pushAssociationHolz
Heugabel2 months1d8 pierce10 pounds.Disarm, two handsspeedStahl
war scythe2 months1d8 cut6 pounds.Sweep, two handsspeedStahl

Simple ranged weapons
pellets5 sp1d4 clubs2 pounds.Special remote launch (20/60 area)redpitcher
beast, light25 months1d8 pierce5 pounds.Ammo (range 80/320), charge, two-handedHolz
Seta5 pieces1d4 pierce1/4 libra.Finesse, cast (Range 20/60), resistedStahl
Harpoon1 GM1d4 pierce3 pounds.Released (Area 10/30), SpecialspeedStahl
shortbow25 months1d6 pierce2 pounds.Ammo (range 80/320), two-handed, recommendedHolz
LINK1 sp1d4 clubsAmmo (range 100/400), hold, money, praiseCorda

arrows (20)1 GM1 libra.Stahl
Blowgun Needles (50)1 GM1 libra.Holz
Beast Mushrooms (20)1 GM1 1/2 pounds.Stahl
Tiraquinas (20)4 pcs1 1/2 pounds.pitcher

Part 2 | simple weapons

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Melee Martial Weapons
sword arm15 months1d8 hit/pierce2 pounds.Agilelong sword
back sword10 months1d6 cut3 pounds.delicacy, lightscimitar
bastard sword20 months1d8 hit/pierce3 pounds.Versatile (1d10)long sword
two10 months1d8 cut4 pounds.sweeping
dueling dagger5 GM1d4 pierce1 libra.disarm, delicacy, easy, stop,Stock
Fauchhard20 months1d10 hit/pierce6 pounds.Heavy, long-range, stumbling, two-handedespada
correspondence5 GM1d6 clubs4 pounds.anti armour
espada20 months1d10 hit/pierce6 pounds.Heavy, Reach, Two Hands, Impulse
Großaxt30 months1d12 barras7 pounds.Heavy, swing, swing, two hands
big sword50 months1d10 hit/pierce6 pounds.Heavy, ranged, expansive, two-handedespada
an elebard20 months1d10 hit/pierce6 pounds.Heavy, Long Reach, Two Handed, Dismounted
heavy trident20 months1d10 pierce6 pounds.Disarm, Heavy, Reach, Two HandsPike
spear10 months1d12 pierce3 pounds.Achieve, Special, Dismount
long sword35 months2d6 hit/pierce4 pounds.heavy, two-handedbig sword
Small10 months2d6 clubs10 pounds.heavy, two-handed
Morning Star15 months1d8 clubs4 pounds.anti armour
Pike5 GM1d10 pierce6 pounds.Agile, heavy, ranged, two-handed
Stock25 months1d8 pierce2 pounds.Fineness
zibelina25 months1d8 cut2 pounds.sweeping
short sword10 months1d6 blood/hit2 pounds.delicacy, light
trident5 GM1d6 pierce4 pounds.Cast Disarm (Range 20/60), Versatile (1d8),
To place35 months1d10 pierce/hit4 pounds.Anti-armor, two-handedlong sword
war selection5 GM1d8 pierce2 pounds.anti armour
war hammer15 months1d8 clubs2 pounds.Anti-tank, versatile (1d10)
whip2 months1d4 cut2 pounds.Disarm, Subtlety, Hit, Stumble

Ranged Martial Weapons
Blasrohr10 months1 perforation1 libra.Ammo (Range 25/75), Shelter, ShopHolz
crossbow hand75 months1d6 pierce3 pounds.Ammo (Range 30/120), Concealable, Light, CargoHolz
beast, heavy50 months1d10 pierce8 poundsAmmo (range 100/400), heavy, charge, two-handedHolz
the long book50 months1d8 pierce2 pounds.Ammunition (range 150/600), heavy, high-impact, lobed, two-handedHolz
red1 GM3 pounds.Special, Released (Area 5/15)Corda
staff slingshot3 sp1d6 clubs4 pounds.Ammo (Range 150/600), Lob, Special, Two-HandedLINKHolz

Part 3 | combat weapons

special weapons

Some weapons have special rules governing their use. These are described here.

pellets.If you successfully trip a creature with balls, that creature is knocked prone and its movement speed is reduced to 5 feet until it uses an action to extricate itself. The balls only affect creatures that walk or run.

Harpoon.A Giant or smaller creature hit by a harpoon is immobilized until released. A harpoon has no effect on incorporeal or formless creatures. While the creature is being grappled by the harpoon, you can use your action to make a Strength (Athletics) check against the target's Strength (Athletics) check. On a success, you can pull the creature toward you a number of feet equal to 5 times your power modifier, as long as it's no more than one size larger than you.

A creature can use its action to make a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check and break free on a success. Dealing 5 hits of damage to the harpoon's line (AC 10) also releases the creature, ending the effect and destroying the harpoon. When attacking with a harpoon, you can only use one attack, regardless of how many attacks you can normally use.

Spear.You are at a disadvantage if you cast a creature within 5 feet of you. If you are not mounted, you must wield a spear with both hands.

Red.Throwing a net at an enemy target within five feet of you does not suffer the disadvantage of making a ranged attack within five feet of an enemy.

A large or small creature hit by a web is immobilized until released. A web has no effect on incorporeal or formless creatures. A creature can use its action to make a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check and break free on a success. Dealing 5 hits of damage to the web (AC 10) also releases the creature, ending the effect and destroying the web. When attacking with a web, you can only use one attack, regardless of how many attacks you can normally use.

dual weapons

Some weapons have two ends to hit enemies. A dual weapon can be made from any two light weapons, each end receiving damage dice from the weapon it emulates. Such a weapon usually takes the form of two ends joined by a long stock.

When using a dual weapon, the standard dual weapon combat rules apply. The two weapons used for the purposes create a new weapon that does not retain the Light property, but does retain the other properties.

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These weapons also gain the Versatile trait, allowing them to deal the next highest damage die when wielded with two hands. For example, a dual backsword weapon would do a d8 damage die if used in both hands. When used this way, the weapon cannot attack as a bonus action.

Materials and Improvements

The weapons in this supplement are believed to be in their most common form and are made from typical materials, common wood and steel. By somehow incorporating exotic materials into the weapon's construction or adding accessories, it is possible to imbue them with additional effects.

Adamantine.A weapon can be made of Adamant, an ultra-hard metal. Against objects, each diamond weapon hit is a critical hit. Against creatures made of stone or wood, a diamond weapon deals 1 extra damage. The diamond version of a weapon or ten pieces of ammunition costs 500 gp more than the standard version and weighs 1.5 times as much. In addition, uncompromising weapons do not rust or corrode.

Drachenhorn.A bow can be made from a dragon's horns. These bows are prized all over the world. Dragonhorn bows multiply your two ranges by 1.5, but weigh twice as much. Crossbow staves cannot be crafted with Dragonhorn. Dragonhorn bows are rarely sold due to the rarity of suitable horns and the difficulty of working with such materials.

Eisen.A weapon normally made of steel or wood can be made of iron. If the weapon is usually made of wood, if it is made of iron, the price doubles. However, if it is usually made of steel, the cost of an iron version is the same. Fae creatures and creatures with the Fae Ancestors trait take 1 additional point of damage from iron weapons. If you roll a natural 1 when attacking with an iron weapon, it is bent or broken and unusable until it can be repaired.

Mithril.A weapon can be made of mithril, a light metal that is on par with steel, except that it is brighter and will not rust or corrode. Weapons made of mithril weigh half as much as normal, in addition, a heavy weapon loses this property and a normal weapon gains the light property. Two-handed mithril weapons become usable with one hand, and light weapons gain the finesse trait if they don't already have it. Mithril weapons cost 500 gp more than the standard version.

Talk.Any weapon can be silvered by adding runes and glyphs to their faces or swords and filigreeing them with silver. Against the undead, a silver weapon is considered magical to bypass resistances or weaknesses. If an undead creature is not resistant to damage from nonmagical weapons, it takes 1 additional point of damage from silver weapons. The silver version of a weapon or ten pieces of ammunition costs 100 gp more than the standard version.

atar.For 1 gp, you can attach a narrow rope to any weapon with the Throwing and Light traits. Once thrown, you can use a bonus action to retrieve the weapon, but the weapon's range is halved.

Part 4 | Special weapons and modification.


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