Best colossal weapons in Elden Ring (2023) (2023)

Colossal Weapons are some of the biggest weapons you can find in Elden Ring in terms of size and weight. Its size allows you to deal a lot of damage to enemies, but at the cost of slowing movement and attack speed.

Despite their weight, Colossal Weapons are some of the best weapons to equip in Elden Ring. These weapons require high Strength stats to use them effectively, but their high permanent damage and damage scaling make up for it.

Before you think about wielding two of them at once, you need to know the best Colossal weapons to enter the Elden Ring.

Best colossal weapons for Elden Ring

Hebig swordit will be the first colossal weapon you'll find in Elden Ring. You can get the weapon from a chest in an abandoned carriage on the northwest side of the Caelem Ruins.

If you don't reach the chest, you can also buy it.Zhweihanderfrom the Lone Vendor as your first colossal weapon in Elden Ring. This particular vendor is in the Weeping Peninsula and wants 3500 runes for the weapon.

Each weapon gives you a chance to test just how devastating a colossal weapon can be in the Elden Ring, but at the cost of vulnerability due to its limited mobility.

10) Duellant-Großaxt

Duelist's Great Ax is best combined with Alexander's Fragment and Ax Talisman. You can also opt for a two-weapon playstyle, as this is highly recommended when using the Duelist Greataxe in Elden Ring.

The fire and lightning infusion followed by the flame arts in the game is where you can get the most damage from this weapon.

Overall, this colossal weapon has a good attack rating and the flexibility to destroy the ashes of war. You must invest 50 points in Dexterity and 30 points in Strength to maximize your attributes.

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As for the location of the Duelist Greataxe weapon, you will find this colossal weapon towards the end of the game.Royal capital of Leyndelltowards the West Capital Rampart sanctuary.

9) Halberd, O Golem

The Golem Halberd has great scaling power and also ranks second in longest range compared to the other colossal weapons in Elden Ring.

With that said, it's important to note that the Golem Halberd is the only Colossal weapon that has the weapon ability known as Onslaught.

Golem Halberd can be combined with Curved Sword Talisman along with Resolve or Royal Knight's Resolve. However, to make this colossal weapon, the Halberd of the Golem, more effective, it is recommended that you tune in to a counter attack playstyle with a large shield.

As for the location of the Golem Halberd, you can find this colossal weapon early in the game by farming golems in the Golem Path.Limgrave Divine Tower.

8) Riesenbrecher

Giant Crusher is best combined with the Curved Sword talisman and Resolve, or with a royal knight's resolve such as the golem's halberd in Elden Ring. It is highly recommended that you use Cold, Heavy or Blood Infusion when using this weapon.

That said, the Giant Crusher is said to be the heaviest and shortest colossal weapon in the game. It has the most potential in terms of attack rate compared to the other infusible colossal weapons, especially in the case of using strength-based infusion in Elden Ring.

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Location-wise, you can find the Giant Crusher early in the game in Altus Plateau. It can also be easily infused with Ashes of War.

7) Godslayer-Großschwert

This is the second lightest colossal weapon in Elden Ring. It also has the second lowest physical damage, but makes up for it with fire damage, which is part of its unique ability compared to other colossal weapons.

The reason why the Godslayer Greatsword is considered the best colossal weapon is due to the fact that you can use it to attack faster as it is quite light. So when you max it out, this colossal sword ends up with a C in Dex and Faith, while having a D in terms of strength.

The Godslayer's greatsword has a unique ability known as the Queen's Black Flame. This allows you to deal black flame damage to your enemies during your sweep attack. Once it hits your opponent, the black flame will drain their HP and weaken them so that you end up in the Elden Ring.

As for the location of this colossal weapon, theGod Slayer Great Swordcan be found in the chest behind the Godskin Apostle boss. This is located inDivine Tower of Caelid.

6) Great Sword of Ruins

This is the heaviest of the colossal swords, associated with the greatsword itself. Therefore, as the second longest colossal sword, it has a tremendous power requirement to be wielded in the Elden Ring.

The Ruins Greatsword does the same physical damage as the Troll Knight's Sword, but with less magic damage. In addition, it has the unique ability Wave of Destruction, Ashes of War. When performing this skill, you lift the colossal blade and slam it into the ground, creating a shock wave during combat that acts on your opponent through gravitational force.

Known as the Great Sword of the Ruins, this colossal weapon can be found after completing Illegal Warrior andCrucible Knightboss fight. This fight takes place at Redmane Castle Plaza in Caelid on the Elden Ring.

5) Messenger's Great Horn

The Great Horn of the Envoy is considered in the list of the best colossal weapons in the Elden Ring. This is also an excellent weapon for one.NG+to play

As for the playstyle of this colossal weapon, it is recommended that you use its weapon skill with the "Claw Mark Seal" in Elden Ring.

Envoy's Greathorn has a unique and deadly weapon ability known as the Great Orancular Bubble, which deals 100% damage to enemies. Additionally, this unique skill attack can be further enhanced with the use of talismans, spells, and consumables.

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While the attack rating might not be that great, Envoy's Bighorn makes up for it with its ability, and you can use it to take down enemies and bosses in the Elden Ring.

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about the locationEnvoy's Great Horn, you can obtain this colossal weapon by venturing into the Miquella's Haligtree area. There you have to farm it to get it in Elden Ring.

4) Great Dragon's Claw

Dragon Greatclaw is also a great choice in terms of the best colossal weapons in Elden Ring. This is because it deals physical and light damage to your enemies, as well as bonus damage (+30%) against enemy dragons in the game.

However, the Great Claw Dragon's Stamina weapon skill is better suited for PvP combat than PvE. Also, it is recommended that when wielding the Great Dragon Claw in Elden Ring, you prefer the two-handed technique with the Staff of the Watchdog.

The sweet spot for this weapon is 55 Strength and Dexterity, and you'll take decent damage from this colossal weapon. Also, to upgrade this colossal weapon, you will need "Dark Forge Stones".

As for the Dragon Greatclaw's location, the Draconic Tree Sentinel left it on the outskirts of the capital.

3) Starcourge-Großschwert

Starscourge's Greatsword has the longest range in the Elden Ring. Also deals 30% increased damage to Gravity-type enemies.

The Starscourge Greatsword is known as one of the best colossal weapons in the Elden Ring, as it has the second highest magic damage (+191) compared to the other colossal weapons in the game.

Another reason it tops this list is that you can use it solo, but dual-wielding is recommended if you regret its unique combat abilities. This also allows you to pull out the big sword Starscourage and deal massive damage to your enemy in the Elden Ring with both swords.


Also, he uses something similar to the Gravity Spell, which allows you to pull enemies into his colossal weapon and then explode, killing them in combat.

As for the location of the Great Sword of Stellar Courage in the Elden Ring, it can be obtained from the memory of Stellar Courage. This means that you must defeat them.Radahn Star Courtin a boss fight for this colossal weapon in Elden Ring.

2) Black Sword of Maliliketh

The Blackblade of Maliketh is considered the second heaviest weapon after the Greatsword of the Watchdog. In terms of physical damage, it generates the following attack power attributes. This includes (+292) physical attack damage along with (+189) holy damage.

When you max out this colossal weapon, the Ebon Blade of Maliketh, you end up with B in Strength, C in Faith, and D in Dexterity. These scaling attributes are also similar to the Starscourage greatsword, except this colossal blade allows you to perform holy attacks.

In terms of unique abilities, Maliketh's Black Blade has Destined Death. This is a deadly skill that is perfect for PvP duels as it drains your opponent's HP.

In terms of location,Maliliketh's Black HojaIt can be obtained after completing the Maliketh boss fight at the rune location near the Great Bridge in the Elden Ring.

1) Kiefer, the shooting star beast

This unique weapon is known as the best colossal weapon in the Elden Ring. It shares the moves of a colossal weapon, dealing physical and magical damage.

He has one of the most powerful weapon skills, "Gravity Bolt", which deals ranged physical and magical damage in a small AOE and stuns most enemies with just one cast.

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This allows you to stun bosses and enemies without taking any damage, and it generally makes it relatively easier for you to deal with Elden Ring as well.

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One of the advantages of this weapon is that it deals +20% damage to Gravity-type enemies. Gravity Pull is one of the most devastating weapon abilities in all of Elden Ring.

Additionally, Fallingstar Beast Jaw has the longest range of any colossal weapon and a very high attack rating (Physical +320, Magical +208).

you must defeat themadult shooting starin Mt. Gelmir to get Fallingstar Beast Jaw in Elden Ring. This is not a simple boss fight.

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