Battle Master Fighter Subclass Guide 5e: The maneuvers are incredible (2023)

Last update on January 22, 2023

Battle Master is a really surprising subclass that focuses on full control over the struggle for maneuvers.

I have an emotional bond with the master fighting under the class, which I will try to keep as soon as I reached the meat of the article. The first character I interpreted was a fight teacher and it was amazing.

I played a battlefat/Elf Dryad (homemade class) called Baelvan Banniplith, and we had an absolute explosion of the time. But being able to really feel that he had dominance on the battlefield is what sealed the agreement.

Many people say the fighter is the class for perfect beginners, an opinion that they can weigh in their own time. As a beginner, however, this subclass expressly caused my love story with Dungoons & Dragons. This is a subclass with so much varietyand depth that is perfect foranyThe players, however bright and new their cubes.

There is a line in the player's manual "The fight is an academic area for an activist,"He captures my vision of the class. When I was sitting at the table to play like Baelvan, I constantly checked the battlefield, but in all interactions and thought of how a crazy trick could come.

AsexpansiveThe arsenal of skills gave me the class, the subclass or the properties I recorded on the street. Any every crazy idea was possible.

I was a beginner and at the beginning of the fourth level, I was a force I had taken into consideration. And that's when I had a college student at the time I didn't have time to study at the table out of my time.

What makes this subclass so good?


Skills that define the class

  • Fighting maneuver
  • Combat maneuvers (with a wrong mustache)
  • Fighting maneuvers (in a raincoat)

Yes, it is true, this is the Battle Maniurver fan section! While this subclass offers other funny functions, for example, with craft tools, bread, butter and almost all the rest, this subclass is combat maneuvers.

In fact, the first resource you preserve, the superiority of the struggle and, in the future, is another feature referred to as an improved fight.2/10 points to names, 11/10 for consistency.

The superiority of struggle gives us the combat maneuvers that are so central to this class along with the superiority with which we can lift them.

However, you probably want to know what it is, right? Maneuvers are, in many ways, such as small properties, skills that allow us to make us more efficient combatants. They are also very versatile, which makes them difficult to specify accurately.

They allow them to do things that are honestly a fighter in one position, a battlefieldyContributes to the story.

There are also more strategic maneuvers such as incentive attack. These maneuvers force a creature that you just hit with a weapon attack against attacking a target that is not.

At the time of publication, 23 different maneuvers are available. This means we see 817,190 different possible combinations of maneuver! So you will end with a very unique character.

With all this diversity, you can build almost any fighter that comes to mind. This is before you think about the regular properties of the class, race and the background you have chosen or the services you will likely take on the street.

Obviously, this subclass only improves if we think about it in terms of these other skills. Fighters can attack several times on a shift and take additional measures in one shift.

At level 20, you have the potential to perform 8 attacks on a shift, without attacks on additional measurements, with the ability to use a series of maneuvers that improve your fight and absolutely relieve your opponents.


This type of archeteral war receives my highest assessment when it comes to restrictions. This subclass is only the wrong class due to the fact.

However, as it is a hunting plane subclass, it is not true. I do seven ASIS, so it means that you can change this subclass with most needs if you have a feat in all aspects.

It will not end with a complete jar, but you can introduce a good amount of magic start to add this class if you want. So this class is really only through the creativity of the player and the desire to think about the options.

Black Citadel Classification and Level

The color and level classification is very useful if you try to digest a lot of information. In our current 5e series guidelines, we use the following color classification scheme:

  • Rojo- -C levelSometimes red options can be useful and an interesting narrative choice, but they are widely less effective than other levels.
  • Verde- -B -Tier.Solid, but nothing that is absolutely critical for a construction or green can be very good, but only in very specific situations.
  • Azul- -A level.An excellent option. Referring as a powerful, useful, very effective.
  • Lila- -S level.The upper part of our classification. Objectively powerful or transformative anyway. Never option in D&D is not essential, but it is worth taking into account these options if your character is created.

Our goal here is to examine them, but complete them in the development of their character.

Although sometimes we can refer to unofficial or home content to illustrate a point (or just because it's too big not to mention).As was published by Wizards of the Coast.

Career opportunities

War classes have some of the greatest opportunities to choose a career.

In particular, the fighter can focus on strength or skills (depending on his struggle), and the constitution comes as his second most important ability.

I encourage you to look for more in the races available in 5E, as I can only include so many in this article. However, I will create a list of all official races that bonus bonus in strength, ability and constitution.

Sleep, Mountain Dwarf, Air, and Earth Land, Goblin, Goliath, Half Wall, Half Wall, Man (and Variant), Goblin, Minotaur, Orco, Triton, War, War, War,Any hybrid, Locathah, Grung, Bugbear Y Leon.

EUto believeAll of these are officers, and this includes none of the other classes that use one of these skills and a mental capacity.

Some of my favorites are from this list:

(Video) The Best Battlemaster Fighter Maneuvers in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Minotaur- str +2, mit +1.aIndoThe use of its horns looks like a maneuver that has reappeared as a racist feature. You can attack your horns and use them as natural weapons, but you can also organize a gate with the horns after successfully reaching a body attack.use your horns to perform a melee attack after taking itThe Board Campaign, for a neighborhood race.

Long Grazg .

Suspect - Dex +2, with +1.amo for the people of the frog.SuspectThere is a speed of climbing and a height and jumping extraordinary. These successes are supported by much more dangerous maneuvers.

Capacity option

We tend to choose you based on our highest statistics, but we have chosen a different route based on how you want to play a game is not a bad idea, especially since adding your competition bonus can compensate for a not so good capacity modifier.

The combat class has the opportunity to choose two acrobatial skills, animal management, athletics, history, insights, intimidation, perception and survival.

  • Sleight of the Hand (DEX) - Excellent for combat fighters who try to get stunts, not just maneuvers.
  • TierManagement (WIS) - It is not important for this class, as well as very specific buildings.
  • athletics (STR) - Ideal for each fighter, even better for the handle.
  • History (Int): corresponds to the topic of the battle master base. Definitely look at him.
  • Saber (Is), definitely an option, but not excellent. If you want to perform well in rare information controls, choose Tactical Evaluation -MaBra.
  • bullying (Cha) - It is not incredibly important to this class.
  • perception (ES) - Ideal for all types.If you want, take it.
  • Survive (WIS) - The east goes, unless you have a certain eye construction.

Background options

If we look for a background, we would like to find some skills that Synergate scores well with our skills, but this is not all realistic, a combat master can have a background and still build well.

To adapt to the archetype, we must look for something more oriented to a fighter whose experience comes from a deep knowledge of history, theory and art.

The following options are all antecedents that include a form of combat training or artistic skills.

  • Soldier- Competence in Athletics and Intimidation.
  • athlete- Competition in stunts and performance.
  • Sailors- Competition in athletics and perception.
  • Maidy - Competition in information and conviction.

Champion -Campion -Fighter Progress

The properties you automatically pass through the combat flightOrangeand the properties you earn through the Master Batalha's subclassRosa.

Complete the drawing sheet (level 0)

  • Data: 1d10 PRO -LEVEL FIGHT
  • Blow points on the 1st level: 10 + your constitutional modifier
  • Blow points at higher levels: 1d10 (or 6) + its constitutional modifier after the level of combat after the 1st
  • Domain
  • Armor:All armor, shields
  • Armas:Simple weapons, combat weapons
  • Tool:None
  • Save the beginning:Strength, constitution

Resources:Choose two acrobatic skills, animal management, athletics, history, insight, intimidation, perception and survival


Start with the following team, besides the team, which is granted by their background:

  • (a) Post chain or (b) leather, long bow and 20 arrows
  • (a) a weapon of war and a shield or (b) two hunting weapons
  • (a) a light beast and 20 screws or (b) two axes of hand
  • (a) a packet of mascara or (b) an explorer package
Battle Master Fighter Subclass Guide 5e: The maneuvers are incredible (1)

Specific Combat Table

EbenSubclass maneuverNumber of superiority cubesSuperiority cube type
an offert34D8

First floor

Fighting style:

From this class, we chose a style of combat, a type of bonus that defines how our fight will develop as a fighter. Fighting options are as follows:

  • Archery shot
  • Blind
  • Defender
  • duel
  • Great fight against the weapon
  • Intercept
  • Schutz
  • Superior technology
  • Fight the play
  • Lute with two weapons
  • Unarmed struggle

Second air:

This ability allows us to heal several 1D10 scam points + our fighter level as an additional action. As such this feature is used, we can only use it again until it pauses a short or long break.

Second level


As one of the most exciting properties of the combat class, we can perform additional measures in our layers. We can use this ability as soon as we make a short or long break.

As shown in the table above, we climbed two uses at level 17, but the uses cannot be in the same round (a maximum of two actions per shift)

Third level

War student:

He receives competition with the tool of an artisan of his choice.


This is the ability to make the combat master an incredible subclass and one of the best battle subconscent. We have access to maneuvers that are fed by a mechanic called superiority data.

We have four superior cubes that are d8. These can be emitted to use a maneuver.

We learned three maneuvers when we overcome this function and two more at level 7, 10 and 15 (nine in total). We can also learn new maneuvers every time we learn new maneuvers.

Another important thing you should know is that some maneuvers force our enemies to do salvation.

There are many maneuvers to choose so that they can cling. The available maneuvers are as follows:

  • Ambush- Add a superiority cube to a stealth verification or an initiative function.
  • Bait and change- If you are under 5 in your next curve.
  • Clip- You can perform a reaction attack against a character that moves within the reach of the weapon you have. If your attack comes, add superiority to your damage.
  • Commander strike- You can leave out one of the attacks on your attack campaign to guide one of your classmates if you are hit.
  • Ruling- You can add your superiority to a performance review, conviction or intimidation.
  • Screwdriver- If you reach a creature with a weapon attack, you can give your superiority to the damage group. Next, force them to make a strength rescue. In failed redemption, they are unarmed and release an object that supports your choice, country, country, country on the ground in front of you.
  • Distract attack- If you reach a creature with a weapon attack, you can supervise the circulation of damage. The next attack of the attack on you (from someone else) has an advantage if it is reached before your next round began.
  • Alternative feet set- As long as it moves, you can add a data to your ac. This hard effect that you stop your movement.
  • Last attack- You can use a bonus campaign in your final revolution and receive an advantage in the next attack you do before the end of your train.
  • Wholesale- If you reach a creature with a weapon attack, you can supervise damage. In then, force them to start rescuing wisdom. In failed redemption, the creature has a disadvantage in attack roles against othersPeople, whom they are only at the end of their next curve.
  • To knock-Drangible after reaching a creature with a -NA -Gun member, you can perform an athletics control to deal with the creature. This adds your superiority to the review.
  • attack- You can increase the attack area of a melee attack by 5 feet. When you find yourself, add the superiority data to your damage.
  • Maneuver- If you reach a creature with a gun attack, you can give your superiority to the circulation of damage. Then choose a friendly creature you can see or hear so you can move in half your speed without causing opportunities for opportunities.creature that only reached.
  • Most threatening attack- If you reach a creature with a weapon attack, you can supervise damage. In then, force them to start the rescue of wisdom. In a failed redemption, the creature was afraid of them until the end of her neighboryear.
  • Fuses- If another creature reaches you with a melee attack, you can reduce the damage that gets a role of your superiority to your +skill modifier.
  • Precision attack- You can add a superiority data to an attack function you do. You can add the cubes before or after rolling the D20, but before one is decided.
  • Push- If you hit a creature with a gun attack, you can add your superiority to the circulation of damage. So it forces a strength of strength if you are large or smaller. In a failed economy, the gate moves away from them to 15 feet (aspecific distance is your choice).
  • Rapid beginning- As an additional action, you can perform a remote gun attack with a weapon in which the property is started.Attack arrive.
  • meeting- Choose a friendly creature that you can see or hear and get temporary breath points that correspond to your charisma modifier + a role of your superiority death.
  • impulse- If a creature surprises you with a melee attack, you can use a reaction to perform a melee attack against the creature. When you reach, add the superiority data to your damage role.
  • attacker-If you make a creature with a member -at attack, you can try to damage another creature within reach (in you and one and a half meters of the original goal). If the original attack also reaches the second goal, the second goal toowill be achieved. Put the role of superiority equally. Damage has the same type as the original attack.
  • Tactical evaluation- You can add a data to a superiority story.Investigation, the information test.
  • Travel attack- If you reach a creature with a weapon attack, you can supervise damage. Then, forces a strength of strength when it is large or smaller. In a failed rescue, it is the most susceptible goal.



You can increase a skill in 2 points or two skills. As an alternative, you can select a function. If you already have excellent statistics, this is a great option.

Fifth level

Additional attack:

This allows us to carry out two attacks on an attack campaign. This can be confused, but we have to recognize the difference between the two terms. A attack campaign is one of the actions we can take over. As a part of the attack campaign, we can usually performA body attack or distance.

ANDAdditional attackThe property does not allow us to have one, but two attacks as part of an action.

The frequency with which we can use this function is also not a limitation. Therefore, it is probably every time you make an attack.

(Video) How to Build a Battle Master Fighter

At level 11, this increases to three attacks and 20 to four.

Sixth level


Seventh level

Meet your enemy:

If you spend at least 1 minute to observe a creature out of the fight or interact with a creature, you will find out whether it is your supervisor on two of the following properties, the same or lower:

  • Strength assessment
  • Skills Evaluation
  • Constitutional evaluation
  • Weapon class
  • Current Blowpoints
  • Total class levels when there is
  • Hunting class levels when there is

Eighth level




If a savings release fails, you can use the economies again. You have to take the new role.

You can use this function for a long time. In Level 13, this increases two and 17 rises three times.

Tenth level

Enhanced superiority:

Exactly what he says. This converts your D8 superiority to D10.In level 18, you climb to D12.

12th level


14th level


15th level


If you surround the initiative and have no superiority, you will receive a cube.

16th level


Level 19


Options for exploration

Very good, preparing, the combat class offers us access to at least seven times, where we can choose an action. Warm this breadth of options, as well as an extremely versatile subclass, means that we have a lot to work here.

Take a look at our classificationFighter featureMore information about the general explorations that the fighter can record.

As we have already spoken a little, the heroic actions we decided depend on the type of construction we do. A space teacher is not used for the master of polemarm, and a fighter will never want to take the trick of Silmter.Construction type looks.

I will insert some compilation options and their exploited options, which I will use in the next section for our level for our level.


This construction wants full control over the battlefield. What they focus on achieving the advantage over their opponents. This fighter uses the style of combat of superior technology to maintain early maneuver and a cube of superiority. I imagine the night wingor the master of tasks.

Feeling of war- - There is access to two additional combat maneuvers and one cube with additional superiority.

Guardian- This performance prevents each opponent from leaving its reach, attacks it with additional possibilities and reduces its speed to 0.

Plemar -meister- Create a wide range of opportunities to attack when you use a GLA, half or verbal advocates.

Cell phone, cell phone- Add the speed of the movement and allow you not to cause opportunities for a creature against which you have just made a melee attack. A advantage is that the use of the council plot due to the difficult terrain does not cost any additional movement.

Arc -Hooting -kampf

Funding more through distance fight is quite possible. You should avoid only a maneuver that indicates the "melee attack" that is not difficult to do. They control the fight from afar, or at least they are not close and personally are personallywith all those who fight. This construction uses arc style and arrow.

I imagine Green Arrow and Arrow Purple ... I mean Hawkeye.

Also! The impulse attack maneuver does not require you to use a member - the arms attack is an attack. Do you know what that means ???

Battle Master Fighter Subclass Guide 5e: The maneuvers are incredible (2)

First shooter- That isANDHazaña for distance combatants collect. This interrupts the disadvantage of long control, ignores the coverage of half and three bedrooms and allows us to cause more damage to our attacking roles at the cost of a short deficit.

Vicinity- It's really great to poison all weapons, but the poisoning of arrows expressly expressed as a very natural concept.With this performance, you can also do poisonWhich fits well with the knowledge teacher's cunning and cunning.

Ballesta -Expert- Although the main purpose of this feat is obviously increasing the use of ballasts, it also eliminates the disadvantage of all remote attacks one and a half of your goal. An additional handle sphere attack is really pleasant if you are in a body fightThe body with a gun with a hand.


Great camp teacher

Sometimes they just want to know things. This fight teacher reaches things hard. This has serious properties and two commercials, such as greataxe.

(Video) Optimized Battle Master - Deep Dive Series - D&D 5e

We will use this compilation below.

Great armor- You can get an additional action attack if you criticize or reduce HP from a target to 0.This allows you to take a deficit for your attack function to increase your damage function.

Feliz"Obviously, this feat is excellent for everyone, but we want to criticize, so we'll do what we can do to get there. If it means revealing our cubes, that's it."

Wild striker- Once this allows us to achieve damage functions, because we stir the potential for much more damage.

charger- You can perform a melee attack as an additional action after using the plate on your train action, +5 for damage or the goal of the target.

Therefore, I could apply an action to attack and defeat an action in a board campaign.

Great construction of combat champions

For the following sample construction, we use the standard phrase of the points provided in PHB (15, 14, 12, 10, 8) deciding the skills. Opportunity to make a decision on how your adventurer grows.

  • Carrera: Minotaur
  • bottom: Soldier
  • Capacity values: Str 17, dex 10, con 15, int 12, wis 8, cha 13
  • Competition competition: Athletics, intimidation, perception, insight
  • Compiece of language: Juntos, Minotaurus
  • Tool Competition: Games Games, Vehicles (Earth)

equipment: Mail mail, a great tax, a large sword, two hand -axes, an explorer package, a classification badge, a trophy made of a fallen enemy (a dagger, broken blade or banner piece), a cube or gameLetters was taken from cards, contains a set of ordinary clothing and a 10 gp belt bag

First floor

Fighting style:

A great fight against the weapon allows us to return to the attack every time we roll one or two in our damage.

Third level

Constitution of the fight:

We have access to three maneuvers.

  • Last attackThis allows us to achieve an advantage in this round in our next role. He has entered our possibilities for a critical blow.
  • Precision attackLet's add a data to our list of attacks before or after the list is created, but before we have an impact on the attack.
  • attackerIt allows us to damage a second creature, which is very suitable for a heavy stick.



We wantCollect the performance of the Great WeaponASAP.

Sixth level


Let's increase our STR to a +4 modifier at +1 to 18 and our Fraud Pro +1 to 16 for a +3 modifier.

Seventh level

Constitution of the fight:

We still have two maneuvers.

  • impulseLet's make a reaction when a creature surprises us with a melee attack and does it with an additional damage cube.
  • Rapid beginningWe have a few axes of hand and we can start as bonus campaigns without thinking about it, attracting them is a great way to cause additional damage.

Eighth level


We will have luck.

Tenth level

Constitution of the fight:

We still have two maneuvers.

  • Most threatening attackOur goals will be scared after we hit them, which is simply amazing.
  • Bait and changeIt is a great way to protect an ally or approach a goal.

12th level


Let's increase this STR to a +5 to 20 modifier.

14th level


Let me takeCharger appeal.

15th level

Constitution of the fight:

We still have two maneuvers.

  • Alternative feet setIt will fit well with the porter's performance and Goring career in Minotaur.
  • PushIt's another great way to let our opponents fly.

16th level


We can take itWild Atacker Feat.

Level 19


To end things, we will increase our constitution to 18 to a modifier +4.O.You can do something crazy and fun like telekinesis. The world is your oyster.


If you start in this class, don't multiply.

The reason I say this is that you can already do a lot with this subclass. If fighting maneuvers are not enough for you, you can always use one of the seven ASIS, the combat class can collect performance for you what you want.

(Video) Battle Master (Fighter) Build Guide in D&D 5e - HDIWDT

This means that if you are another class, especially a combat class, and you want multiclas, collect three levels on the fighter and choose this archetype. If you can always take on martial performance decorated for some maneuvers and a superior cube, it is betterthan a multiclase, if you can.

First, you get access to a combat class style. I even got up, but most importantly they receive three maneuvers and four cubes of superiority.

Having several maneuvers and reaching more than once a day is the case of three levels. Fighting habilities.

Every war class that wants to be a multiclase can benefit from the verification of the battlefield. A Barbar that can force an opponent to attack him alone.

APaladinWho can find their enemies just because they tried to attack and get lost? Perhaps even an art that can quickly start a hand -infused hand axle.

Seriously, if you don't consider this subclass as a multiclase potential, do it.

Guide to beginners for battle in the master of the fight

Regardless of whether you choose the combat course, select the combat teacher for your war archetype. This is a great way to do this. Well, this is a class with which I really have a lot of experience in the first hand.

I started playing with this D&D class and is a large part of what convinced me that this game would be a passion for my life.

When I say that this class is versatile, believe me, I say this seriously. The fight teacher is always about understanding the battlefield. The same concept continues as a player.

If you start playing with this character, you can be a little needTo know everything. It is part of the fun to learn about the advance.

In this class, you become a master of the fight.

Upper fighter

The combat function you get when collecting this classFocusOf this class. As this is the guide for beginners, I would like to do everything to explain how it works.

The first thing you should remember is that you will receive a new mechanic named Senarity with which you will allow the fighting maneuvers. This superior superiority begins when you die on eight sides and refers to ten pages, finally twelve pages.

Fighting maneuvers are very simple, skills that offer an advantage, especially in combat.

Every maneuver says that if you can use it and what happens, which makes use quite simple. Let's look at an example. Relevance into consideration that we summarize in the previous guidelines of the previous level.

[If you reach a creature with a gun attack]1You can spend a data on superiority to try to encourage the goal of attacking it. [They add superiority to damage to attack on attack]2and [the objective should introduce the redemption of wisdom]3[In a failed redemption, the goal of all attacks on the attack on goals that are only at the end of your next round has a disadvantage.4.

In the previous maneuver,WholesaleI suffered different sections that you can search.

  1. There is always a clause when not always "when", but says something that indicates the event that allows them to use the maneuver. In this example, it means making a creature with a weapon attack.
  2. You will always add something to your superiority. Sometimes this is damage, sometimes that is the role of attack, but there are other circumstances to look for creatures).
  3. Most maneuvers have a form of additional effects that allow themThe big,Whatever it is. Some have a requirement built for this to happen. In this example,The bigIt requires your goal to make a suggested wisdom.
  4. This and whereThe bigIt happens. In this example, the goal is strongly encouraged to attack it instead of one of their allies. This happens giving them a disadvantage against someone else.

It will not always be in the same order, but you can trust that it breaks a maneuver in these parts to understand how it works.

Being a fight teacher

Entry in the place of a fight teacher is an exciting process on the battlefield. They are a tactical teacher who can take into consideration much more than the skills of this class.

Under the war class and the fighter's subclass, in the case of the case, they have something that is good. The monks channel the energy to perform the performance of -human, the barbarians channel their anger, the villains can hide and the rangersThey are not compared to the comparison of their chosen enemy. Rune Knights uses the magic of Arcos Giant and arcs in each shot.

The battle masters are, however, combat teachers.

Observing a master movement of struggle through the battlefield means seeing a complicated dance of a superior spirit at work. They carry their opponents with greater strengths in their falls and use their own weaknesses for their advantage.

You can choose to be a ruthless melee struggles, powerful archers or fearless leaders. All in the battlefield, while a fight instructor is involuntarily a farmer who plays an overdue game.

Outside the battlefield, this subclass also allows you to shine as a player, as a leader, and as a planner. My fighter Baelvan even used war student's role to become a teacher of Smith, forge weapons and armor (and then lovely) touse the whole party.

I can't emphasize the versatility of this war archetype. If I tried and you probably can't bore it.

I am happy with you and the character you build.baelvan and I wish you luck and many wonderful victories.

And as always happy adventure!

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