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Many players new to DnD 5e may be confused about what the "Hit Die" placeholder on their character sheet means. Is it just more hit points (HP)? Do you use it to hit someone? As you read, everything will become clear, including how best to use the Hit Dice.

Hit Dice, short for Hit Point Dice, is used to determine a character's maximum HP at each level and to heal himself when he takes short breaks. Each class has a specific number and type of data; regain half your maximum with each extended pause. For example, a 10th-level bard has 4/10 left; they rest a lot and now they are 9.

Some classes share the same die type (d6, d12, etc.), but the basic mechanics remain the same. Are you curious to find out more? let's dive

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How does Life Dice work?

Your character's Hit Die type is determined by his class. For class-specific information, seemale class brandinsideplayer manual. The type ranges from a six-sided die (1d6) to a twelve-sided die (1d12) as follows:

  • Sorcerers and Sorcerers: 1d6
  • Bards, Clerics, Druids, Monks, Rogues, and Sorcerers: 1d8
  • Craftsmen, Warriors, and Paladins: 1d10
  • Barbarians: 1d12

At 1st level, you have one Hit Die from your class. So if you just created a wizard, enter it1W6on your character sheet in the Life Data section.

For each Hit Dice you gainyour maximum HP increases. At 1st level, you gain your maximum die plus your Constitution modifier (CON). Therefore, a mage with a +1 KO modifier starts with a maximum hit point of 7.

How to increase hit points when leveling up

When the time comes when your Dungeon Master (DM) says your character has leveled up,Your character gains another Hit Die. If you're a 2nd-level wizard, you now have 2d6!

Since you gained a new Hit Dice, your hit point limit changes. After the first level, you don't automatically reach the maximum. This time you have a choice:Roll the success die or take the averageof the function (rounded up).

If you take the average, you will consistently get a good amount of health. Each time you roll the dice, you can get the maximum value or roll a 1. Ouch.

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In any case, add the result of your choiceplus your CON modifierto your maximum hit point. Be sure to also increase your current hit points by the same amount.

For example, our 1st-level wizard has a maximum hit point of 7. He fought some goblins and took six points of damage.

His current HP was reduced to 1. He then leveled up and rolled a 5 on his Hit Die. With a Con +1 modifier, your maximum hit points increase by 6 for a total of 13.

His current HP has also increased by 6, so he now has 7 of his total 13 HP.

If our magician decidesmulticlassehe gains Hit Dice for his new class as he levels up. For example, a character with 4 wizard levels and 3 fighter levels has four d6 Hit Dice and three d10 Hit Dice.

every time youLevel up, you get another. But now that you have them, how can you use them? To heal with your Hit Dice, you must make ashort break.

What are the rules for using Hit Dice to heal in 5th edition?

You encountered some enemies and took some damage. How do you get those precious hit points back? In addition to healing spells andhealing potionsyou can relax with a short break.

A short break is an hour or so of inactivity when your character is not involved in any strenuous activity. If you areunconsciously,You still benefit from a little break!

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for the next hour, the party sits and takes a deep breath. You take dried meat out of your backpack and eat it. Maybe write the legend of the battle you just fought for posterity.

At the end of your short cooldown, you can regain hit points by spending any Hit Dice you have.

Roll one of yourPress Dice and add your CON modifierto the result of the throw. Congratulations! That's what you heal. If you still don't have as much HP as you'd like, roll your next Hit Dice and add your CON modifier to the result.

It is important to roll them individually., instead of all at once. If you get a particularly good throw, you could be healing more than necessary and wasting that resource.

You can't have more hit points than your hit point maximum (well, excepttemporary hit points). It heals you more than that and is about as useful as a solar-powered flashlight, not at all.

If you use a Hit Die in this way, it will be consumed. You regenerate up to half of your total Hit Die when you rest for a long time, restoring at least 1 Hit Die.

Negative Constitution Modifiers and Hit Dice

Jeremy Crawford, designer-chefe do DnD 5e,indicatedWhat is possibleLose hit points when leveling upif it has a negative CON modifier.

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As you level up, if you roll a 2 on your Hit Dice and have a -3 on your KO modifier, your hit point maximum decreases by 1. You always have the option of making the average roll: 4 for a caster. - and this is highly recommended, unless you want to play a terminally ill character.

When you heal with your Hit Dice, a negative modifier does not decrease your current HP, but it can prevent you from healing. If you roll a 2 and have a -3 CON modifier,you do not recover health.

Optional Rule: Healing Surge

The Dungeon Master's Guideoffers an optional rule that you can use in your gameshealing surges. This allows playersUse your combat action to use your Hit Dice to healfeel like you are taking a short break.

This is a useful rule to implement at your table if your party doesn't have its own healer or if healing magic is rare in your world.

Like always,ask your DMwhether they would consider implementing this rule.


What are Life Data used for? Keep your character alive!

5e: Using Hit Dice - Make an ability check (3)

The basic:

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  • For every level you gain in the game, you gain one Hit Dice.
  • The data type is determined by its class.
  • Each time you level up, roll your Hit Dice to change your maximum HP or take the average of the rounded dice. this usually means half plus one.
  • Negative CON modifiers can cause you to lose maximum HP when leveling up and can cancel healing while resting.
  • You restore half your maximum Hit Dice (minimum 1) when you take a long break.
  • Healing Boosts: An optional rule in combat that allows you to spend your Hit Dice to heal mid-combat. This is especially worth considering if your party doesn't have healers.

And when you're resting, you can roll your Hit Dice to restore HP, even if you're unconscious.

Now all you have to do is remember to use them!


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