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Firearms of Kingdoms

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Pistol250 Funpiercing 1d103 poundsFirearm (Range 50/150)
orange blunderbuss50 FunPierce 1d85 poundsFirearm (60/240 range), two-handed
Arkebuse75 FunPierce 1d87 poundsFirearm (80/320 range), heavy, two-handed
Caliber150 Funpiercing 1d109 poundsFirearm (range 100/400), heavy, two-handed
carabiner500 Funpierce 1d1215 poundsWeapon (range 150/600), grapple (13), heavy, two-handed
Pistol750 Fun3d6 strength15 poundsWeapon (range 80/320), gripped (15), heavy, two-handed

Firearms in the Kingdoms

Firearms are becoming more widespread in Faerûn as the Lantanese priests of Gond, the Miracle Workers, manufacture and distribute them throughout the realms.

The Lantanese have mastered the manufacture of matchlock weapons and can regularly produce high-quality matchlock pistols, matchlock harquebuses, matchlock gauges and matchlock muskets (with weapon racks). You can also craft portable blunderbusses for armies, as well as matchlock blunderbusses. All Lantanese firearms are stamped with the mark of Gond on the stock or grip of the weapon.

The Red Wizards of Thay build and use very large and rudimentary bombs, and some of these siege weapons can be found on the Pirate Isles.

One important development is that firearms are entering many worlds from sources in outer space. Wheellock pistols known as "Starwheels" are sometimes sold or traded on Toril by teams of spellcasters, or stolen from teams by local thieves. The Lantanese quickly copied the design of these "star wheels" and began to produce them "locally".

Sidebar: Proliferation of Firearms

The extent to which firearms are used in a given Realms campaign is at the discretion of the DM. If the DM decides to introduce firearms into their campaign, it should be at least several years or several decades before the weapons become widely available.

IsAdventures in forgotten realmsThe book gives the following as the recommended/canonical timeline for the proliferation of firearms throughout Faerûn, beginning in the year after the Time of Troubles.

1359 CV:Matchlocks appear in realms, primarily as curios and magic items. The price (if available) is 10 times the list price.

1362 CV:Arquebuses and other similar weapons are becoming more common (people stop giving player characters funny looks when asked about them). Well-stocked gun shops have some, but for double the price.

1365 CV:Firearms are available from major retailers at the listed price.

5e - Firearms of Yonael's Kingdoms (1)
Barra sideways: Star Wheels

Any firearm that uses bullets as ammunition can be designed as a star wheel, using a wheel locking mechanism instead of a matchlock. A starwheel weapon costs 50 gp more than a matchlock and takes no penalty when used in the rain.

Only an experienced Clockmaker, Gond Cleric, or Craftsman can craft or repair a Wheellock Firearm.

Weapon Descriptions

Pistol.The pistol is the smallest and most compact firearm and also one of the rarest firearms because not only do most people prefer long-range firearms, but the pistol itself requires more skill to craft.

Despite its short range, a pistol is still a formidable weapon and is often used as a weapon of self-defense. Because of this, pistol grips often have metal shafts that allow them to be used as effective putters.

Knurrhahn orange tree.The shortest of the long guns, a blunderbuss, only has a barrel about 30 cm (12 in) long, sometimes less, usually ending in a flared barrel. Most blunderbusses have a full stock, but some are only made with a pistol grip.

The blunderbuss is the favored weapon of Gond clerics, and is often referred to as the "Gondgun" by others.

ArkebuseA scaled down version of the much larger musket, the matchlock is the long gun most adventurers are likely to encounter, offering a good balance of size and power. An arquebus usually has a full stock, but many only have a reduced stock.

Arquebuses are carried by Spelljammer teams as the long weapon of choice.

Caliber.A caliber that falls essentially between a musket and an arquebus has a larger diameter and heavier barrel than an arquebus, but is identical in design.

Muskets.A marksman's weapon, a musket, has a long barrel three to four feet in length and a heavy wooden stock, allowing for greater accuracy than any other firearm.

A Lantanese musket comes with a rotating yoke built into the design, increasing the cost and weight of the weapon accordingly.

Pistol.The simplest firearm, a pistol, is a miniature cannon attached to the end of a long pole. This post serves as the weapon's "shackle" for hooking and is integral to the weapon.

New weapon traits

Firearm.Possession of a firearm is consideredMunitionjLoadingProperties except that you can abandon an attack or use a bonus action to reload and fire it again in the same turn. Reloading a firearm requires both hands.

Since most firearms ignite gunpowder with a slow-burning wick of rope, a firearm also has a 25% chance (1-5 on your attack roll) of not firing in heavy rain and a 10% chance (1-2 on your attack roll). . ). ) not to be photographed in light rain. A weapon that doesn't fire wastes energy.smoke powderused for this shot but doesn't waste ammo.

Any blacksmith can build or repair a firearm if given the drawings or a pattern to copy.

Desparramar.When you attack a target within half the normal range of this weapon, roll an additional damage die and add it to the weapon's damage. If you fire at range, you can use the attack roll on an additional creature within 5 feet of the target. Roll damage against the secondary target separately.

Addicted.A weapon with the Hook trait is designed to fire only when attached to a special fork (1 gp, 2 lbs) or hard, stationary surface such as a rock. B. a low wall attached. Mounting the weapon requires an action or an additional action (character's choice). If the character moves after being hooked or dropped, the weapon is no longer considered hooked. While a weapon with this trait is not hooked, attack rolls with it are penalized unless the character's Strength score is equal to or greater than the number in parentheses.


Answer (5)1 month1 scale.
prelude (5)2 Monate, 5 MP1 scale.
gun bullet3 Fun1 scale.

responder.Bullets are lead bullets used for single target attacks. When loaded with a bullet, a firearm functions as described.

Lead ammunition.Lead shot consists of many small lead balls that are packed into the barrel of the gun.

Bullet shot can be loaded into any firearm that normally fires bullets. Loading a gun with lead bullets halves its normal and long range, but grants theDesparramarattack property.

bullets.Pistols fire heavy bullets, which are simply smaller versions of cannonballs. The published price is for 1 ball.


In addition to ammunition, all firearms also require magic.smoke powderFunction. A pack contains enough gunpowder for 5 shots from a firearm, while a barrel contains enough gunpowder for 500 shots.

Sidebar: Weapons in other settings

Outside of the Fogotten and Spelljammer realms, firearms have varying degrees of presence.

Emgray hawk, gunpowder etcsmoke powderDo not work. However, the restriction regardingsmoke powderit is only true in Oerth and works normally elsewhere in Greyspace.

Emdragonlance, practical gnomes make some primitive firearms, but due to the reputation of gnome arts, firearms are not widely used, being limited to pistols and arquebuses.

EmMystara,smoke powderand firearms are only made in the region known as the Wild Coast. All Wild Coast firearms are wheel lockable.

Sidebar: Magic Firearms

Currently, no magical versions of firearms have appeared in the realms, but given crafters' penchant for playing with the latest toys, it's only a matter of time before they do.vicious musketor the+1 Trebuchetappears on the screen. They will be very rare and more likely to be found in the king's armory than in a dragon's lair or in the tomb of an ancient corpse.


should rocket150 Fun1 scale.Fire 3d6
Granada150 Fun1 scale.penetrating 3d6
smoke powder, barrel250 Fun20 pounds7d6 fire
smoke powder, Package10 Fun1/2 scale1d6 fire
enemy breaker250 Fun1 scale.penetrating 3d6
Rauchbombe250 Fun1 scale.

Rakete Shou.Explosive missiles used as a man-portable (albeit somewhat imprecise) siege or support weapon in the Shou Empire of Kara-Tur; Shou missiles are fired from a reusable wooden sled (4 lbs, 5 sp) at which the gun is aimed.

As an action, a character can ignite the missile and point it up to 60 feet away. The missile flies toward the chosen point, and each creature within 5 feet of that point must succeed at a DC 12 Dexterity save or take 3d6 fire damage.

Grenada.A grenade is a ball-sized iron sphere filled with gunpowder and fitted with a slow-burning fuse. As an action, a creature can ignite a grenade and throw it up to 60 feet. Any creature within 5 feet of that spot must succeed at a DC 12 Dexterity save and take 3d6 piercing damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful save.

smoke powder. smoke powderworks exactly like gunpowder as described on page 267 of the Dungeon Master's Guide, except for the following:smoke powderIt is aRare wondrous item, explodes when ignited, dropped, or otherwise roughly handled, dealing the listed damage in a 6 yard radius on explosion, igniting an ounce causes a small explosion instead of a slow burn and is castexpel magicin it makes it permanently inert.

Enemy Breaker.An enemy crusher is a specialized grenade with an attached handle that allows it to be thrown twice as far. An enemy crusher works the same as a grenade, except it can be thrown up to 120 feet.

Rauchbombe.A smoke bomb consists of a wooden tube filled with alchemical compoundssmoke powder. As an action, a creature can detonate a smoke bomb and throw it at a point up to 60 feet away. One turn after landing a Smoke Bomb, she emits a plume of smoke that creates a heavily concealed area within 6 yards. A moderate wind (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses the smoke in 4 rounds; a strong wind (20 or more miles per hour) disperses it in 1 round.

siege crew

Besides the cannons (DMG, p. 255) used by the mages of Thay and the pirates of the Pirate Isles, the world of Faerûn also houses organ weapons, also known to be obscene.


  • large object
  • armor class:19
  • health points:75
  • Immunity to damage:Gift, psych

Ribalds fire a barrage of lead shot from a series of interlocking barrels arranged in an arc. Instead of being used to destroy fortifications, obscene ones are used as anti-personnel weapons, piercing enemy armies with holes.

Before it can be fired, the obscene must be loaded. It takes one action to load half of the weapon's barrels and one action to fire it.

Obscene Volleyball.The obscene fires a barrage of shots in a 60-foot cone. Any creature in the area must succeed at a DC 15 Dexterity save and takes 44 (8d10) piercing damage on a failed saving throw if all of the weapon's barrels are loaded, or 22 (4d10) piercing damage if only the weapon is loaded. Gun barrels are loaded. A creature takes half damage on a successful saving throw.

5e - Firearms of Yonael's Kingdoms (2)

ribaldequin, leonardo da vinci, gemeinfrei

Sidebar: Fuse and Grenade Packs

An explosive can be equipped with a longer fuse to detonate after a specified time, typically 1 to 6 rounds. Roll Initiative for Explosives. After the set number of turns has elapsed, the explosive detonates on this initiative.

A character can attach additional grenades to the head of an enemy crusher to effectively create a heavy demolition charge. Each grenade attached to the Foestridr increases damage by 1d6 (up to 10d6) and blast radius by 5 ft (up to 20 ft).

additional rules

The following rules are intended to help a Dungeon Master conduct a game involving firearms and are in addition to the main document.

knowledge of weapons

Neither class is typically proficient with firearms. However, if you want firearms to be common enough for your game characters to master them early on, here's a breakdown of them:

Simple Weapons:Gurnard, Arcabuz and Caliber.

Weapons of War:pistol, musket and pistol.

Firearm rarity

If you want to keep firearms as rare and mysterious as magic items, you can use the table below to determine the cost and availability of firearms and related items.

togetherGurnard, Matchlock, Ammo
unusualPistol, caliber, musket, explosives

Since magic items should be purchased sparingly,smoke powderIt should be available in large enough quantities to sustain your party for a while.

Even if firearms are meant to be rare, live ammo should be easy to find since it's not difficult to craft.

random firearms

If you need to randomly generate a firearm or selection of firearms, e.g. B. when creating treasure or completing a shop inventory, you can use the table below.

Table: Firearm random table
d20Firearm% Chance
1Stern wheel pistol5%
2Sternrad Arkebuse5%
3-4machine gun10%
5-6Moschete Luntenschloss10%
7-8machine gun10%
9-11wick gauge15%
12-15Do Do Do20%
16-20Muskete Arkebuse25%

This table attempts to adjust the rarity and distribution of firearms across realms, with common matchlocks and blunderbusses being the most likely matches, and star pistols and matchlocks used by teams of spellcasters being the most likely matches.

vanished with explosives

If you want an element of risk when using explosives, treat them as improvised ranged weapons with a 30/90 foot range and an attack roll to throw accurately.

If the target is a square with a creature in it, use the creature's AC. If the target is a square with an object inside, such as a a table, use the “Armor Class of Items” rules on page 246 of the DMG. If the target is an empty square, treat it as if it had AC 10.

If a character fails the attack roll, the explosive rolls, jumps, or lands on a square other than the target.

Roll a d8 first. The result determines the direction in which the explosive will fail.

3That's it
4South East
6not west

Once the direction is determined, roll 1D4 (or 2D4 if the target is far away). The result is the number of squares in the given direction by which the explosive misses the target.

magic items

So you want to bypass the Magic Firearms sidebar? Great! Here are some new magic firearms and items you can use to fill your hordes with treasure and merchant inventories.

combined arms

Weapon (any melee), common

This melee weapon features a carefully integrated wheel-lock mechanism and is crafted to be perfectly balanced for use as both a melee weapon and pistol.

This magic weapon can be used normally or as a starwheel weapon without having to switch weapons. The pistol mechanism still needs to be reloaded after each shot.

There are also combo weapons that can be used like Starwheel Arquebuses, but they're always built with long-handled melee weapons like halberds or javelins.

Double-Fire Revolver

Weapon (any firearm that deals piercing damage), common

This Magic Star firearm has two parallel barrels, side by side or one above the other. Each barrel has its own trigger and a finely crafted wheel locking mechanism that is much more complex and complicated than a regular star wheel.

Each barrel can be fired separately, or both can be fired simultaneously, giving you two attacks instead of one. These attacks must target the same creature, and their range is halved for them.

Each barrel can be refilled separately, or both barrels can be refilled as an action.

Pistol N shot

Weapon (Star Weapon), Uncommon

This superb weapon has 1d4+2 barrels arranged in a rotating pattern. When you fire this weapon, the pistol will switch to the next loaded barrel and line it up with the firing mechanism, allowing you to fire once per loaded barrel without having to reload between shots.

Each keg can be refilled separately normally, or all kegs can be refilled as an action.

The number of barrels determines how this type of pistol is called4 shot pistolÖ6 shot pistol.


Weapon (any firearm that deals piercing damage), Rare

This firearm is made of blued steel and ebony, and its handling seems silent even when it grazes against other objects.

You have a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with this magical weapon. Also, attacks with this magical firearm produce no visible flashes or audible sounds.

dragon weapon

Weapon (Pistol), Rare (requires attunement)

This matchlock pistol has a flared barrel decorated to resemble a dragon's gaping jaws and the rest of the barrel is covered in small scales.

Loading this magical weapon with lead bullets will not halve its normal and long range.

Each time you attack with this magical weapon, all creatures within 5 feet of where it hits must succeed at a DC 12 Dexterity save or take 3d6 fire damage.

Pistole Quipper

Weapon (Star Weapon), Rare (requires attunement)

This weapon is designed to vaguely resemble a playful fish. Its body is covered in stylized scales and fins, ending in a fanged jaw reminiscent of a Joker's.

Every time you attack with this magic weapon and fire lead projectiles, the weapon will repeatedly fire volleys of projectiles. Instead of making an attack roll against the target's AC, the target must make a Dexterity save with a DC of 8 + your attack bonus. On a failed saving throw, the target takes 2d10 points of damage plus your Dexterity modifier, or half that damage if you succeed.

Ranged targets have an advantage with this saving throw.

repetitive arquebus

Weapon (Star Wheel Arquebuse), rare

This Arcabuz has two hollow tubes in the shaft. A tube can be filled with seven attackssmoke powderand the other with seven loads of ammunition (ball or pellet), in addition to thesmoke powderand bullet that can be loaded through the barrel.

When you put down this magic weapon after an attack, the clock inside rotates the chamber to align it with the powder tube, allowing it to fill with gunpowder before aligning with the second tube, allowing you to load ammo.

When you pick up the gun, the chamber aligns with the barrel, allowing you to fire the loaded ammo without reloading.

Each projectile and powder round can be loaded individually as normal, or all eight can be loaded as an action.

If you load the ammo tube with a mix of bullets and lead bullets, the firearm will load them into the chamber in the same order that they were loaded into the tube.

Sniper Musket

Weapon (Starwheel Musket), Rare (Requires attunement of a Crafter, Wizard, Sorcerer, or Mage)

This wheellocking musket is made from a smooth, deep white, ivory-like material and engraved with intricate arcane designs.

As an action, you can perform a magic strike with this weapon. A spell strike is similar to a ranged attack, except as part of the attack you cast a unique offensive cantrip. This cantrip must have a cast time of 1 action, deal damage to one or more targets, and have a range greater than 10 feet.

If the attack hits, the target takes damage from both the musket and the cantrip, although the cantrip usually requires a saving throw to damage the target.

Normally, if the cantrip damages multiple targets, the spell only damages the target of the musket attack.

A precision musket counts as an arcane focus, and you can provide somatic components to cast spells even if you're holding it in two hands.

die Pest

Weapon (Pistol), Legendary (requires attunement)

A great weapon of unknown origin, some saydie PestIt was created by Gond himself, while people on other worlds attribute it to many other gods such as Murlynd, Hephaestus or even Reorx.

The Firebrand looks like a normal revolver (see DMG p. 268), but its barrel is loaded with six empty brass cartridges.

die PestMagically fills these empty shells with ammo when the trigger is pulled. As a result, you never have to recharge again.die Pestand it doesn't require ammo unless you want to load it with magic ammo.

A cartridge that is manually loaded with a magic bullet but no gunpowder will magically produce no gunpowder when the gun is moved to that cartridge.

If you have access to modern bookmarks, you can download them atdie Pestlike a normal revolver.

You have a +3 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls withdie Pest. You can also attack with a bonus actiondie PestOn each of your turns, don't add your Dexterity modifier to bonus attack damage unless that modifier is negative.

Magic Ammo

Baldricks Kugel

weapon, uncommon (cursed)

You have a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls made with this magic orb.

Curse.When someone performs an attack with this magic orb, the orb will fly in an arc, trying to damage the user instead of the target. Compares the attack roll to the user's own AC rather than the target's. If the attack exceeds their AC, they are hit by the attack instead of the target. If you don't, the bullet will still try to hit them, but you'll narrowly avoid being damaged by it.

Upon closer inspection, this magic orb appears to be a normal +1 orb. This orb does not become unmagical after use, just oneremove curseSpells can make it non-magical.


weapon, rare

This magic orb causes the target to glow like a torch for 10 rounds (1 minute).

When shot into the air, it slowly falls back to the ground while emitting a light like a torch. Descends below the maximum range of the gun at a rate of 60 feet per round and ceases to glow after 10 rounds (1 minute).

Once fired, the bullet does not become magical.

explosive Kugel

weapon, rare

This magical orb explodes into a large fireball on impact. Any creature in a sphere within a 20-foot radius of where it hits must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. Each affected creature takes 6d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half that on a successful save. Fire spreads around corners, igniting combustible objects that are not being used or carried.

After detonation, the bullet is destroyed.

poison ball

weapon, rare

A creature struck by this magic orb must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution check or take 2d10 poison damage and be poisoned for 1 minute.

After dealing poison damage, the orb becomes non-magic.

ball with name

weapon, very rare

A named orb is a magical orb designed to kill a specific person, and only that person. A named bookmark works like adeadly arrowwith a very focused target (a single specific creature). In addition, a named orb has an advantage on attack rolls against its intended target.

After dealing additional damage to the intended target, the orb becomes non-magic.

wonderful article

efficient shoulder bag

Wonderful, rare piece

Each of the eight pockets in this messenger bag is connected to an extra-dimensional space that allows the messenger bag to hold multiple items without ever weighing more than 2 pounds. Each magazine can hold up to 60 bullets, 60 rounds, 6 bags of smoldering powder, two one-handed weapons, or one two-handed weapon each.

You can remove all items contained in the shoulder bag like a regular bag.


Wonderful, rare piece

This single glass lens allows the user to see better at longer distances. Alone it works like a scope, but when attached to a firearm it doubles the normal range and the range of the firearm. Placing the lens is an action, while removing it is a bonus action.

The lens has an illusion point in the center and an illusion number next to it. The number shows the distance in feet between the lens and what the point overlaps.

Catalejo de ver

Rare Wondrous Item (requires voting)

This small tube filled with many alchemical lenses works as abinoculars, even if used by a character who isn't matched to it.

When a character is attuned, that character can also use it asjewel of the eye.

Bullet Protection Amulet

Rare Wondrous Item (requires voting)

This magical amulet has 7 charges. When using it, you can consume 1 or more charges to cast any of the following spells:blur(2 charges),reflection(2 charges),armor(1 post), thenormal missile protection(3 charges).

The amulet restores 1d6+1 depleted charges per day at dawn.

new spell

Protection against normal missiles

Third level renunciation
(Constructor, Ranger, Wizard, Sorcerer and Sorcerer)

  • listening time:1 share
  • Area:Beat
  • Components:V,S
  • Duration:Conc. up to 1 hour

Touch a willing creature. They are resistant to club, piercing, and nonmagical slashing damage from ranged weapons (but not siege weapons).


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