10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (2023)

Multiclassesing is a great way to mix AD & dConstruction of the character.


Multicclase shares the focus of a character between different archetypes. If this can be an excellent way to introduce a variety, it can also have the potential to make the overall effectiveness of a character difficult. A good multiclase combination requires careful balance and planning.Combinations work and even those who work should use specific combinations of levels, but there are not much more satisfactory than a good oneD & dThe multiclase character to do what it can do best.

Updated on October 25, 2022by Declaen Lowthian:Multicclase is still one of the best ways to get a unique and entertaining D&D construction. We have updated this list with an even better summary of some of the most powerful and interesting multiclase combos in the game.

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10 A tactical warrior that is difficult to eliminate

Battlemaster fighter/fireplace of Totem -Guerrero Barbaro

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (1)

D & dFighting courses have the reputation of being very simple, but a complete combat tank can get many hits for the party and take them in larger fights. The Battle Fighter is the classic tactical archetype and offers a varied list of techniques.

Add a path of Totem's barbaric barer to a combat fad that unlocks an additional layer of durability and combat tricks. Now the fighter may be a combat strategist, but he can also receive resistance that enables him to fight in the first line.All of these properties are combined to make themAnd at the same time powerful.

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9 Combined pensions and elementary powers

Mente/genius warlock sorcero

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (2)

The aberrant spirit and the genius sub -classes for the magician and the magician offer some fun and unique skills, even over the classes available to their respective classes.


The aberrant spirit gives the magician many psychological spells and some useful and entertaining psychological skills. Multiclase is a great way to collect wide throws that can do almost everything that the party has to do.

8 A magician with combat knowledge

Evaluation school/fighter Eldritch Knight

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (3)

The magicians are powerful, not in terms of blows, but in magical skills and versatility, but with a little investment, a magician can fight with the barbarians in the first battle line.

The combination of the mighty evocation school with the effectiveness of Eldritch Knights fight makes a magical warrior on the battlefield. Bladesinger's assistant makes another good option, but the Evocation School is a little longer on a magic throw to support it.

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7 Support body body that has a blow

Oot oath of redemption of the Paladin/Bard Value College

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (4)

The oath of Paladin's redemption is one of theThis is partly due to its incredible list of Swiss Magic, including one of the bestD & dMagic in Contra Pell.

Redemption paladines do without part of their fighting capacity, but the Bard Value School can compensate for them. The School of Value can use their inspiring data to improve their damage, which is a great combination with paladine powerful blows.

6 The first perfect attack perfect attack

Assassin Rogue/Tildestalker Ranger

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (5)

This multiclase combination is perfect for those who want to create a melancholic figure that can really have a blow. The dishonest killer is already a subclass that uses a significant advantage over every creature that begins according to its series.

Deltkaller Ranger not only has an advantage for initiative roles, but can also add an attack that causes additional 1W8 weapon damage.Combined with the normal roaming of the villainIt is a great way to overthrow an enemy before the battle begins.

5 The true way of war lord

Clear war domain/oath of Paladin

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (6)
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A player who tries to work out the perfect leader for the battlefield with an impressive sequence does not have to look beyond this multiclase combination.

The dominance of the war against the clergyIt enables the player to receive an additional attack as an additional action or to give an ally to his attack.Using these two classes must reconcile two different skills for the release release, but the multitude of skills available for you will be available for you hold every DM puzzle.

4 The D&D character the fastest and secret

An Estrada shadow monk/villain thief

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (7)

Bandits are already experts in stealth and agility, and the subclass of the thief is the iconic example. If this subclass is combined with a form of a shadow monk, they become the best invisible murderer.


The path of the shadow monks can use the dark spell to teleport or become invisible. Thieves and its secret attack and its best mobility creates a character that enemies never see.

3 The best shooter who is afraid of a DM

Hunter Ranger/Arcano Archer Fighter

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (8)
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Rangers usually have a bad reputation inD & D,But they are excellent multiclase candidates. The hunter is the iconic archetype of the Rangers, and his ability to fight has only improved, which has added enough hunting levels to unlock arcane skills.

Arcane Archer doesn't just add everythingHow the second wind or the second action is created, but also a list of powerful magical arrows. This magical arrows give the Forest Gate Hunter a mass fan and improve their skills for survival with some

2 Protect yourself as you call monsters to fight your place

Battle Smith Articker/Assistant Conjuration

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (9)

Sometimes the players switch their characters deeply and never want a permanent character, but Smith's struggle is even better to keep the character of the heat of the fight away.

The assistant of the summoning school can also conjure up allies that make the wide range of available call complaints using magic sayings. In between the defender of Battle Smith and the magical army of summoning, this multiclase combination can act as a party of a single character.

1 Start and fight with total ease

The magician hexblade/every other glass by hand

10 best Multicclase -D&D options to keep DMS on your feet (10)
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The most powerful Hexblade -What is the ability to fight in a close combat with charisma and not in force or skills.

With this ability, any bard, every assistant or paladin can combine their magic start statistics and fight their struggle. This enables them to be more effective and use the multitude of other advantages of the powerful list of magicians.



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